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This sweater will stand washing.
Ah, we have run short of sugar.
FrenchAh, on a plus de sucre.
Don't find fault with your friend.
FrenchNe cherche pas les défauts chez tes amis.
PolishNie szukaj u przyjaciół dziury w całym.
Pull into shape after washing.
GermanNach der Wäsche in Form bringen.
SpanishEstirar después del lavado.
FrenchRemettre en forme après lavage.
ItalianMettere in forma dopo il lavaggio.
He is washing a car.
FrenchIl est en train de nettoyer la voiture.
Wash your hands before eating.
GermanWasch dir vor dem Essen die Hände.
I washed my hands as usual.
He is always finding fault.
The children washed their feet.
You may as well wash your shirt.
They washed themselves in the river.
PolishUmyli się w rzece.
I've left that line of business.
Tom always finds fault with her.
Please wash your hands properly before eating.
GermanWascht eure Hände vor dem Essen.
RussianПожалуйста, хорошо вымойте руки перед едой.
She gave the blouse a quick wash.
I have just washed the car.
The sweater shrank in the wash.
She is only critical of me.
I got her to wash dishes.
I had my T-shirt washed.
FrenchJ'ai lavé mon T-shirt.
She is always finding fault with others.
The man washing the car is Mr. Jones.
I have already washed the dishes.
I washed my hands of the whole business.
We took turns in washing the car.
Ken has not washed the car yet.
You must be just to them.
You are too critical of other's shortcomings.
PolishZanadto krytykujesz błędy innych.
He is always finding fault with other people.
PolishZawsze szuka błędów u innych.
The storm raged in all its fury.
I want you to wash the car.
FrenchJe veux que tu laves la voiture.
ヱホバ()牧者(ぼくしゃ)なり われ(とぼ)しきことあら
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
GermanDer HERR ist mein Hirte, mir wird nichts mangeln.
He is a very irritating critic of others.
He is always finding fault with others.
She was washing the dishes then.
FrenchPendant ce temps, elle lavait la vaisselle.
Have you washed the car yet?
The color ran when the dress was washed.
He is always finding fault with others.
He wants these shirts washed.
My father has been washing his car since this morning.
This ink stain will not wash out.
She is always finding fault with others.
Even if you wash it, the color won't come out.
GermanSogar wenn du es wäschst, kommt die Farbe nicht heraus.
FrenchÇa ne déteint pas au lavage.
It is easy to find fault with the work of others.
He was converted from his licentious living.
She is always finding fault with her neighbors.
PolishOna wiecznie ma coś za złe sąsiadom.
He got his car washed at the filling station.
FrenchSa voiture a été lavée à la station de gaz.
This handkerchief didn't wash clean.
PolishTa chusteczka się nie doprała.
Go downstairs and have a wash.
Let's stop finding fault with each other.

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