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He drinks too much alcohol.
FrenchIl boit trop d'alcool.
SpanishÉl toma demasiado alcohol.
We can but wait for the results.
FrenchOn ne peut qu'attendre les résultats.
I feel like drinking a beer.
SpanishMe gustaría beber cerveza.
I want to eat warm soup.
GermanIch möchte eine warme Suppe essen.
Is death the only release?
None but the brave deserve our respect.
Tom would like some coffee.
I don't drink coffee at all.
GermanIch trinke keinen Kaffee.
ItalianNon bevo caffè per niente.
PolishNie piję kawy w ogóle.
Take two capsules after a meal.
The alternative to surrender is fighting.
I want to drink something.
PolishChciałbym się czegoś napić.
Greta chugged the beer in one gulp.
GermanGreta trank das Bier in einem Zug aus.
Would you like something to drink?
GermanWillst du etwas zum Trinken?
Spanish¿Te gustaría beber algo?
FrenchVeux-tu quelque chose à boire ?
I don't drink alcohol.
FrenchJe ne bois pas d'alcool.
The medicine is hard to swallow.
I want to have a cup of coffee.
FrenchJe voudrais une tasse de café.
I would rather have a coffee.
Would you like a cup of milk?
I never touch beer.
FrenchJe ne bois jamais de bière.
These days John drinks too much.
You drink tea.
PolishPan pije herbatę.
SpanishTú bebes té.
Kate drinks a lot of milk every day.
You drink too much coffee.
Will you join me for a drink?
Come round the corner for coffee.
I am dying for a cold drink.
SpanishMe muero por una bebida helada.
I'll take my coffee black.
I don't want to drink anything cold.
I'd like to have some hot chocolate.
SpanishMe gustaría tomar chocolate caliente.
Recently, he's been drinking too much.
FrenchIl boit trop, récemment.
PolishOn ostatnio za dużo pije.
I would rather have a coffee.
SpanishYo mejor quiero tomar café.
Have you taken your medicine yet?
GermanHast du die Medizin schon genommen?
I want to drink a cup of tea.
FrenchJe veux boire une tasse de thé.
I would love a cold glass of beer.
GermanIch würde so gern ein kaltes Bier trinken.
What would you like to drink?
I want to drink something cold.
GermanIch will etwas Kaltes trinken.
SpanishQuiero beber algo frío.
Would you like something to drink?
I would rather have tea than coffee.
FrenchJe préférerais avoir du thé que du café.
I don't drink much beer.
FrenchJe ne bois pas beaucoup de bière.
He has taken to drinking recently.
PolishOstatnio zaczął pić.
FrenchIl a commencé à boire récemment.
Will you have a cup of tea?
Will you have a cup of coffee?
I don't drink or smoke.
SpanishYo no bebo ni fumo.
Kate drinks a lot of milk every day.
Let's drink the cup of tea here.
Do people drink tea in your country?
He drinks a lot of milk every day.
He drank himself to death.
I am dying for a cold drink.
I could really go for another cup of coffee.

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