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That is just typical of him.
GermanDas ist wirklich typisch für ihn.
He seems unable to swim.
SpanishÉl parece incapaz de nadar.
To all appearance it is true.
It seems that the diamond is real.
Her wound seems to be mortal.
SpanishSus heridas parecen ser fatales.
Come again tomorrow.
SpanishVuelvan mañana.
It's supposed to rain at night.
PolishWieczorem może padać.
FrenchIl semble qu'il va pleuvoir ce soir.
You aren't yourself today.
It seemed that he was fine.
He seems to have been rich.
FrenchIl semble qu'il ait été riche.
SpanishÉl parece haber sido rico.
He is not coming, apparently.
They say we're going to get heavy rain.
PolishWygląda na to, że idzie ulewa.
He seems to think so.
FrenchIl semble penser cela.
They say we're going to get high winds.
He seems to have been ill.
FrenchIl semble avoir été malade.
PolishChyba był chory.
It seems that she was ill.
FrenchElle semblait malade.
PolishChyba była chora.
GermanEs scheint, dass sie krank war.
SpanishAl parecer, ella estaba enferma.
Looks like another nice day.
FrenchOn dirait qu'il va encore faire beau aujourd'hui.
GermanEs scheint, dass heute wieder schönes Wetter sein wird.
SpanishParece ser otro buen día.
The idea is typical of him.
GermanDiese Meinung ist wirklich typisch für ihn.
It seems that they have quarreled.
GermanSie scheinen sich gestritten zu haben.
You aren't yourself today.
He seems to have a fat purse.
PolishOn ma chyba wypchany portfel.
The secret seems to have leaked out.
Behave yourself like a young man.
He seems to be a nice fellow.
SpanishDicen que él es un buen tipo.
Is he anything of a scholar?
Such words are so typical for him.
GermanEine solche Äußerung ist wirklich typisch für ihn.
The chili burnt my tongue.
PolishPapryka spaliła mi gardło.
He seems to have been ill.
FrenchIl a l'air d'avoir été malade.
SpanishParece ser que él estaba enfermo.
He is something of a scholar.
They must have skipped out of town.
It appears that he is mistaken.
SpanishÉl parece estar malinterpretando.
PolishOn się chyba myli.
They say we're going to get some showers.
His story sounds true.
PolishJego historia brzmi wiarygodnie.
They must have skipped out of town.
She seemed to be very surprised.
He seems to live in Britain.
FrenchIl semble qu'il vive en Angleterre.
PolishOn chyba mieszka w Wielkiej Brytanii.
It seems to me that he is from England.
There is not even a semblance of proof.
PolishNie ma na to najmniejszych dowodów.
It seems that he knows everything.
SpanishParece que él sabe todo.
There appears to be a party in that house.
His uncle appeared rich.
He seems to have told a lie.
FrenchIl semblerait qu'il ait menti.
His wife seems to be foreigner.
PolishJego żona chyba jest cudzoziemką.
SpanishSu esposa parece extranjera.
I seem to have lost my purse.
FrenchJ'ai l'impression d'avoir perdu mon porte-monnaie.
It is getting quite spring like.
PolishZrobiło się już zupełnie wiosennie.
It seems that he likes collecting stamps.
He seemed to have been rich.
No one seemed to hear.
I seem to have caught a cold.
PolishChyba złapałem katar.
The information seems to have leaked out.
ItalianSembra che l'informazione sia sfuggita.

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