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Can you change a five-dollar bill?
I have known her for five years.
PolishZnamy się z nią od pięciu lat.
We walked about five miles.
He has been dead for five years.
FrenchIl est mort depuis cinq ans.
SpanishÉl lleva muerto cinco años.
The 5ZIGEN's exhaust gives a nice sound.
The meeting lasted until 5.
40, 50, is a snot-nosed brat.
RussianМужчина и в сорок и в пятьдесят лет все ещё мальчик.
I have only five thousand yen.
SpanishApenas tengo 5,000 yenes.
I owe him 50,000 yen.
FrenchJe lui dois 50,000 yens.
She will be back at five.
FrenchElle sera de retour à 17h.
RussianОна вернется в пять часов.
SpanishElla volverá a las cinco.
We've been married for five years.
Mary paid five dollars for her lunch.
FrenchMary a payé son déjeuner avec 5 dollars.
The committee consists of five members.
This book consists of five chapters.
FrenchCe livre contient cinq chapitres.
A wonder lasts but nine days.
This drawing dates back to the fifteenth century.
It's five o'clock somewhere now.
FrenchIl est sûrement 5 heures quelque part, tout de suite.
I caught five fish yesterday.
I got five years in prison.
Take the elevator to the fifth floor.
FrenchPrenez l'ascenseur qui va au quatrième étage.
He has as many as five brothers.
ItalianHa non meno di cinque fratelli.
GermanEr hat nicht weniger als fünf Brüder.
My watch gains five minutes a day.
He is to come here at five.
He works from nine to five-thirty.
He has more than five dictionaries.
FrenchIl a plus de cinq dictionnaires.
RussianУ него больше пяти словарей.
We have five English classes a week.
Last week five students were absent from class.
GermanLetzte Woche haben fünf Schüler im Unterricht gefehlt.
I have heard nothing from him for five years.
FrenchJe n'ai pas eu de ses nouvelles depuis cinq ans.
SpanishYa hace cinco años que no tengo noticias de él.
Look at the map on page 25.
ItalianGuarda la mappa a pagina 25.
PolishSpójrzcie na mapę, strona 25.
SpanishMira el mapa de la página 25.
Give me five minutes to finish the last adjustments.
SpanishDame cinco minutos para completar los últimos ajustes.
Five years have gone by since my father died.
SpanishHan pasado cinco años desde que mi padre murió.
He comes here every five days.
Mike got back from the library at five.
I'll be there at five p.m.
FrenchJe serai là-bas à cinq heures.
SpanishEstaré ahí a las cinco de la tarde.
The train left at exactly five o'clock.
We were married five years ago today.
The ship will arrive by five o'clock.
This is five thousand yen in the Japanese Yen.
FrenchÇa vaut cinq mille yen en yen japonais.
He took the elevator to the 5th floor.
It is five years since my father died.
FrenchCela fait cinq ans que mon père est mort.
He will get back from school.
It's been five years since my father passed away.
He will arrive on the afternoon of the 5th.
The meeting began at five in the afternoon.
PolishZebranie zaczęło się o 17:00.
I take five kinds of magazines every month.
There were only five people present altogether.
His uncle died five years ago.
FrenchSon oncle est mort il y a cinq ans.
The train is due to arrive here in 5 minutes.
I will finish the work in five days.
When he was 15, he ran away from home.
GermanMit 15 ist er von zu Hause ausgerissen.
SpanishA los 15 se escapó de casa.

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