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I will do anything but this.
He likes anything sweet.
FrenchIl aime tout ce qui est sucré.
SpanishA él le gusta todo lo que sea dulce.
They stick to old customs in everything.
GermanSie hängen in allen Bereichen an ihren alten Sitten.
Jimmy knows everything about cars.
SpanishJimmy sabe todo acerca de autos.
He likes to do everything for himself.
FrenchIl aime tout faire lui-même.
Read whatever you like.
He pretends to know everything.
FrenchIl fait semblant de tout savoir.
RussianОн всегда ведет себя, будто лучше всех знает.
She talks everything over with her parents.
FrenchElle parle de tout avec ses parents.
PolishOna we wszystkim radzi się rodziców.
She believes whatever he says.
FrenchElle croit tout ce qu'il dit.
Gold will not buy everything.
FrenchL'or n'achète par tout.
He makes mountains out of molehills.
Eat whatever you like.
FrenchMange ce qui te plaît.
He believes whatever I say.
SpanishÉl cree todo lo que le digo.
This dog eats almost anything.
PolishTen pies je praktycznie wszystko.
SpanishEste perro come casi cualquier cosa.
Whatever she says is true.
PolishWszystko, co ona mówi, jest prawdą.
I believe whatever he says.
He turns everything to good account.
He believes whatever I say.
FrenchIl croit tout ce que je dis.
GermanEr glaubt alles, was ich sage.
SpanishÉl cree todo lo que le digo.
He sees everything in terms of money.
PolishOn widzi wszystko w kategoriach materialnych.
At first, everything seemed difficult.
GermanZuerst sah alles schwierig aus.
SpanishTodo parecía difícil al comienzo.
Do whatever you think is right.
FrenchFaites ce qui vous paraît juste.
Money enables you to buy anything.
Eat whatever food you like.
FrenchMangez ce que vous voulez.
He understands everything right on the spot.
I am able to buy anything in a convenience store.
You're such a pack rat.
She is a cheerful giver.
I will do anything to please her.
FrenchJe ferai n'importe quoi pour lui plaire.
SpanishHaría cualquier cosa para verla contenta.
They do anything in order to win.
PolishZrobią wszystko, by wygrać.
I will give you anything you want.
FrenchJe te donnerai tout ce que tu veux.
He has a tendency toward exaggeration.
FrenchIl a une tendance à l'exagération.
PolishOn ma tendencję do przesady.
SpanishÉl tiende a exagerarlo todo.
I'll give you anything but this.
PolishPoza tym dam ci wszystko.
Do everything at your own risk.
I'll give you anything but this.
She knows everything about cooking.
PolishJeśli chodzi o gotowanie, to ona wie wszystko.
Jim knows most anything about motorcycles.
I will do anything for you.
FrenchJe ferai n'importe quoi pour vous.
Do whatever you want to do.
He thinks of everything in terms of money.
Eat whatever you like.
PolishProszę jeść, na co tylko mają państwo ochotę.
He wants everything his own way.
PolishOn zawsze chce wszystko mieć po swojemu.
I will do everything in my power.
Take anything you want.
SpanishToma lo que quieras.
GermanNimm alles was du willst mit dir.
She has her own way in everything.
FrenchElle a sa façon de faire pour toute chose.
I'll do anything in the interests of humanity.
FrenchJe ferais n'importe quoi pour le bien de l'humanité.
He would do anything for gain.
I can talk about anything with my best friend.
When you are hungry, anything tastes good.
SpanishCuando tienes hambre, todo sabe bueno.
ItalianQuando si ha fame tutto è buono.
I like everything that comes with summer.
Do your best in anything you do.

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