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I'm in love with her.
FrenchJe suis amoureux d'elle.
Am I wrong?
ItalianMi sto sbagliando?
I'm still sleepy.
I think it's OK.
SpanishCreo que está bien.
Do you think I'm handsome?
Don't worry about me.
FrenchNe t'inquiète pas pour moi.
PolishNie martw się o mnie.
SpanishNo te preocupes por mí.
I am a shy boy.
FrenchJe suis un garçon timide.
SpanishSoy un hombre tímido.
I'm a free man.
FrenchJe suis un homme libre.
GermanIch bin ein freier Mann.
I am more handsome than you.
Am I not right?
FrenchN'ai-je pas raison ?
Leave me alone!
FrenchLaisse-moi tranquille !
Are you talking to me?
Was I really boring?
I like foreign languages.
You're barking up the wrong tree.
You left me in despair.
Am I slipping?
My way is action not words.
PolishPrzemawiam czynami, nie słowami.
There's nothing I can do.
I have a strong backhand.
FrenchJ'ai un bon revers.
I am incomplete.
Come on! Give me a chance.
Something is encompassing me.
Don't put it on my desk.
GermanLeg das nicht auf meinen Tisch!
My papa said no.
GermanMein Papa hat nein gesagt.
Keep your hands off my daughter!
FrenchNe touche pas ma fille !
Spanish¡No toques a mi hija!
The ugly side of myself tears me up.
What do you take me for?!
FrenchTu me prends pour qui ?!
I'm playing a TV game.
SpanishEstoy jugando a los videojuegos.
I only slept two hours.
FrenchJ'ai dormi à peine deux heures.
GermanIch habe nur zwei Stunden geschlafen.
I don't really know either.
SpanishYo tampoco sé en realidad.
Luke, I am your father.
FrenchLuc, je suis ton père.
SpanishLuke, soy tu padre.
I can't see anything.
I'm what the world calls an idiot.
PolishMożecie mnie nazywać durniem.
I'm gonna shoot him.
PolishZastrzelę go.
I've got something on you.
GermanIch habe etwas gegen dich in der Hand.
I play in a band.
GermanIch spiele in einer Band.
SpanishYo toco en una banda.
It doesn't make sense to me.
"Who is it?" "It's me."
French"Qui est-ce ?" "C'est moi."
Guys, It's my time to go.
This is my city now.
SpanishEsta es mi ciudad ahora.
I'm the king of the world!
The furious rainstorm had passed.
I'm also taking this train.
SpanishYo también tomo este tren.
I don't know the meaning of hatred.
ItalianNon conosco il significato di odio.
Nobody can stop me!
GermanNiemand kann mich aufhalten.
Spanish¡Nadie podrá detenerme!
I can't give up my dream.
PolishNie porzucę swoich marzeń.
Don't take it out on me.
I'm living in the city.
FrenchJe vis en ville.
SpanishEstoy viviendo en la ciudad.
I intend on fighting till the end.
PolishBędę walczył do końca.

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