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He graduated from a senior high school with honors.
RussianОн окончил [среднюю] школу с отличием.
He graduated from high school this spring.
FrenchIl a eu son BAC ce printemps.
I graduated from the University of Kyoto.
GermanIch habe ein Diplom der Kyoto University.
FrenchJe suis diplômé de l'université de Kyoto.
Each boy has received his diploma.
PolishKażdy z uczniów otrzymał świadectwo.
Mark graduated from Harvard in 1991.
My sister expects to graduate from college next year.
ItalianMia sorella conta di laurearsi l'anno prossimo.
I've got a feeling that Tom won't graduate this year.
Father gave me a book for graduation.
On graduating from college, she got married.
I am very glad to be out of high school.
FrenchJe suis vraiment heureux d'être sorti de l'école.
It was five years ago that I graduated from college.
FrenchCela fait 5 ans que je suis diplômé de l'université.
On leaving school, he went to Africa.
Each student received his diploma in turn.
He is proud of having graduated from Tokyo University.
World history is required for graduation.
We graduate from high school at eighteen.
She was very shy until she graduated.
After graduation he will engage himself in study.
I will study abroad when I have finished school.
Ted is looking forward to going abroad after graduation.
He graduated from college at the age of 22.
He was then fresh from college.
She graduated in German at Cambridge.
PolishSkończyła germanistykę na uniwersytecie Cambridge.
GermanSie hat an der Universität von Cambridge Deutsch studiert.
She got married soon after her graduation from the college.
I wired him a message of congratulation on his graduation.
FrenchJe lui ai cablé un message de félicitations pour l'obtention de son diplôme.
He joined the company right after he got through high school.
FrenchIl a rejoint l'entreprise juste après le lycée.
He became a cameraman after he graduated from college.
GermanNach seinem Universitätsabschluss wurde er Kameramann.
If you pass this test, you could graduate next month.
He graduated from Yale with honors in 1921.
It doesn't matter very much which college you graduated from.
On finishing university, I started working right away.
The principal presented each of the graduates with diploma.
The student council discussed plans for the graduation.
He had the gratification of seeing his son graduate from collage.
I don't have enough credits to graduate.
He was put through university with money left by his uncle.
Two years have passed since Jim graduated from high school.
SpanishHan pasado dos años desde que Jim salió del colegio.
Cindy dozed off in the middle of her graduation examinations.
The graduation ceremony will take place on March 20th.
Having graduated from college, she became a teacher.
What do you want to go after you finish college?
After he left school, he went to London.
FrenchAprès avoir quitté l'école, il est allé à Londres.
My sister expects to graduate from college next year.
After her graduation from college, she went over to the United States.
FrenchAprès avoir été diplômée de l'Université, elle est partie pour les États-Unis.
Tom wants to graduate from college before he turns 24 years old.
Masako finished high school in Japan and then graduated from Harvard.
He returned to Japan after graduating from college.
If you don't get your act together you won't graduate from high school.
My sister says that she wants to study abroad after leaving.
I graduated from college in the same year as your father.

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