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We eat with our mouths.
PolishJemy ustami.
The baby opened his mouth.
GermanDas Baby öffnete seinen Mund.
SpanishEl bebé abrió la boca.
Easier said than done.
FrenchC'est plus facile à dire qu'à faire.
The tongue wounds more than a lance.
That's my own affair.
Don't talk about such a thing.
He always speaks at random.
Well, do you like it?
FrenchAlors, est-ce que vous aimez ?
The job offer still stands.
My tongue failed me.
FrenchMa langue a fourché.
My tongue slipped.
FrenchMa langue a fourché.
You're all talk and no action!
He was born dumb.
He never touches alcoholic drinks.
Easier said than done.
It doesn't suit my tastes.
I find Italian food very desirable.
FrenchLa cuisine italienne est tout à fait à mon goût.
Did you speak at all?
Few words show men wise.
What the heart thinks, the mouth speaks.
How dare you say that!
How dare you speak like that?
He opened his mouth wide.
The job is up for grabs, now.
He says one thing and means another.
He applied for a job.
PolishZłożył aplikację o pracę.
He closed his mouth for a moment.
Then, finally, she opened her mouth.
ItalianE finalmente apri la bocca.
He's a plain speaker.
FrenchIl parle franchement.
SpanishÉl dice lo que piensa.
GermanEr sagt, was er denkt.
She was too shocked to speak.
She pressed her lips firmly together.
Can I have a bite?
GermanKann ich einen Bissen haben?
I called him to the telephone.
FrenchJe l'ai appelé au téléphone.
A secretarial post is open.
GermanEs gibt einen offenen Sekretärsposten.
A sigh fell from her lips.
Eyes sometimes talk louder than words.
PolishCzasem oczy mówią więcej niż usta.
He interfered in our private concerns.
Do not talk with your mouth full.
FrenchNe parlez pas la bouche pleine.
Fear robbed him of speech.
Wine is not to my taste.
He pouted with dissatisfaction.
Why is your mouth so big?
FrenchPourquoi ta bouche est-elle si grande ?
GermanWieso ist dein Mund so groß?
The doors on the left side will open.
GermanAusstieg in Fahrtrichtung links.
PolishWyjście będzie po lewej stronie.
Keep your purse and your mouth closed.
Please ring him up.
How dare you speak to me like that?
PolishJak śmiesz mówić do mnie w ten sposób?
I am on speaking terms with Tom.
We cannot control the tongues of other.
I won't talk to him anymore.
Don't speak with your mouth full.
FrenchNe parle pas la bouche pleine.

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