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I need you.
FrenchJ'ai besoin de toi.
I like you.
You look bored.
GermanDu scheinst gelangweilt zu sein.
You must go.
PolishTy pójdziesz.
Your cake is delicious.
How about you?
FrenchEt vous ?
RussianТы там как?
Spanish¿Qué hay de ti?
You're a person.
PolishJesteś człowiekiem.
SpanishTú eres una persona.
You are naughty.
SpanishEres un chico travieso.
Obey thyself.
Which hat is yours?
GermanWelcher Hut ist deiner?
Your loving friend.
I'll sue you.
ItalianTi perseguirò.
Are you tired?
I believe you.
When are you leaving?
RussianКогда ты вернёшься?
Are you happy?
FrenchÊtes-vous contents ?
Spanish¿Eres feliz?
Green suits you.
FrenchLe vert te va bien.
PolishDo twarzy ci w zielonym.
You like fruit.
SpanishA ti te gusta la fruta.
GermanDu magst Obst.
You got me!
I'll let you decide.
You are my sunshine.
You're a workaholic.
FrenchTu es un bourreau de travail.
It's up to you.
You are my happiness.
FrenchLorsque je suis avec toi je suis heureux.
SpanishCuando estoy contigo me siento feliz.
You are a troublemaker.
PolishAleż z ciebie enfant terrible!
You work hard.
What are you doing?
Will you go, too?
GermanGehst du auch?
Your plan sounds great.
GermanDein Plan ist ausgezeichnet.
SpanishTu plan es estupendo.
You are now an adult.
GermanDu bist schon erwachsen.
You have foul breath.
GermanDu hast Mundgeruch.
It's your book.
FrenchC'est ton livre.
You're really annoying.
SpanishEres realmente molesto.
You are strong-minded.
What will you have?
It's your turn.
FrenchC'est ton tour.
RussianТвоя очередь.
How is your wife doing?
FrenchComment se porte ta femme ?
I sympathize with you.
I agree with you.
GermanIch stimme dir zu.
You are wanted on the phone.
PolishTelefon do ciebie.
GermanTelefon für dich.
SpanishTeléfono para ti.
You are quite a man.
This coat fits you perfectly.
GermanDieser Mantel steht dir.
You are to blame.
PolishTo twoja wina.
Can you swim?
What do you want now?
Spanish¿Qué quieres tú?
GermanWas möchtest du jetzt?
I'm proud of you.
Your English is perfect.
SpanishTu inglés es perfecto.
Is this your bike?
GermanIst dies dein Fahrrad?
That's your responsibility.
FrenchC'est ta responsabilité.
I cannot endure your going.

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