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I have a sore throat and a slight fever.
They satisfied their thirst at the spring.
It looks like a fish bone got stuck in my throat.
FrenchOn dirait qu'une arête s'est coincée dans ma gorge.
GermanSieht aus, als würde eine Gräte in meinem Hals stecken.
She got a piece of bread stuck in her throat.
Do you have a headache and a sore throat?
Spanish¿Tiene usted dolor de cabeza y de garganta?
When I got up today my throat felt a little sore.
I have a sore throat and a slight fever.
I'm too excited to eat anything.
He satisfied his thirst with a large glass of beer.
GermanEr linderte seinen Durst mit einem großen Glas Bier.
The initial symptoms of the disease are fever and sore throat.
I wanted this watch so badly I could taste it.
I'm thirsty. Please give me a cold drink.
Distant water won't quench your immediate thirst.
He was very thirsty and asked for some water.
FrenchIl avait très soif et demanda un peu d'eau.
My throat hurts and my body feels heavy. It looks like I've caught a cold somehow.
My throat hurts, and I have a fever. Can I have some cold medicine?
I was very thirsty and I wanted to drink something cold.
SpanishEstaba sediento y quería tomar algo fresco.
They were very tired, hungry, and thirsty that night.
Feel free to get yourself a drink if you are thirsty.
His name was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't remember it.
FrenchJ'avais son nom au bout de la langue mais je ne pouvais m'en souvenir.
SpanishTenía su nombre en la punta de la lengua, pero no lograba recordarlo.
The woman tried to shout out "Help!" but the word stuck in her throat.
Not only were we hungry, but we were also suffering from thirst.
FrenchNous n'avions pas seulement faim, mais nous souffrions également de la soif.
An operation on his throat helped him recover from the pneumonia, but it left him without his voice.
FrenchUne opération sur sa gorge lui a permis de guérir de la pneumonie, mais elle l'a laissé sans voix.
It's that, you know, um, whatchamacallit. It's on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't remember the name!
If you sleep on your back it's easier for your upper airway to be obstructed because your tongue, uvula, etc. slip towards the back of your throat.
Throat and nose membranes hurt by dry air allow cold viruses to enter more easily. It is important to carry out sensible counter plans against the cold with heaters and against the dryness with humidifiers.


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