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He gave us clothes, and money as well.
GermanEr gab uns Kleidung, und darüber hinaus auch noch Geld.
PolishPodarował nam ubrania, a ponadto pieniądze.
I love you all the more for your faults.
Moreover, for your safety, we advise use of a substitute email address.
It was very cold, and what was worse, it began to rain.
My aunt is none the happier for her great wealth.
He worked all the harder because his master praised him.
The anthropologist says odd customs do persist in the region.
She went on hoping nonetheless because there was no news from her husband.
Rev. King's house was destroyed by a bomb. But still, the buses went on empty.
If I were eighty and she were still alive, I would be getting the same admonition.
PolishGdybym miał 80 lat, a moja mama nadal by żyła, pewnie wciąż by mnie tak samo upominała.
One student says the purge is still going on in China and terror is widespread.
And yet the large blocks of stone are fitted together so closely that you cannot put in the point of a knife between them.


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