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He looks suspicious.
He is poor.
FrenchIl est pauvre.
SpanishÉl es pobre.
PolishJest biedny.
He is happy.
FrenchIl est heureux.
GermanEr ist glücklich.
SpanishÉl está feliz.
What's that?
GermanWas ist das?
Spanish¿Qué es eso?
PolishCóż to takiego?
He is delicate.
GermanEr ist zierlich.
He is Tony.
SpanishÉl es Tony.
It is he.
He is a psycho.
He is justice.
FrenchIl est la justice.
SpanishÉl es la justicia.
He's strong.
FrenchIl est fort.
PolishOn jest silny.
He enjoys good health.
FrenchIl est en bonne santé.
He looks healthy.
FrenchIl a l'air en forme.
He is a detective.
He's a comedian.
He seems kind.
FrenchIl a l'air gentil.
SpanishÉl parece amable.
He seems honest.
PolishWygląda na uczciwego.
That's a farce.
He is a genius.
FrenchC'est un génie.
PolishTo geniusz.
I like him.
FrenchJe l'apprécie.
RussianЯ его люблю.
That is a table.
FrenchC'est une table.
SpanishEsta es una mesa.
He has blond hair.
FrenchIl a les cheveux blonds.
He gets up early.
FrenchC'est un lève tôt.
I'll take him.
GermanIch nehme ihn.
SpanishLo tomo.
FrenchJe le prends.
He is a doctor.
FrenchIl est médecin.
He is sick.
FrenchIl est malade.
He likes soccer.
He is a thief.
FrenchC'est un voleur.
He lacks common sense.
He is a poet.
FrenchC'est un poète.
He is a sage.
FrenchIl est un sage.
I sacked him.
He seems ill.
FrenchIl semble malade.
GermanEr scheint krank zu sein.
He can swim.
FrenchIl sait nager.
He stood up.
SpanishÉl se puso de pie.
He comes on strong.
SpanishÉl es fuerte.
He lives alone.
Catch him.
He's a liar.
GermanEr ist ein Lügner!
SpanishÉl es un mentiroso.
He is a painter.
I really like him!
FrenchJe l'apprécie beaucoup!
GermanIch bin sehr in ihn verliebt!
He's a blue blood.
He is English.
ItalianLui è inglese.
What is that?
Spanish¿Qué es eso?
RussianЧто это?
He's in the kitchen.
FrenchIl est dans la cuisine.
GermanEr ist in der Küche.
Is he sleeping?
Spanish¿Está dormido?
FrenchDort-il ?
He is outgoing.
PolishTo otwarty człowiek.
He moves quickly.
PolishJest niezwykle zwinny.
Is he busy?
That is his house.
He likes oranges.
FrenchIl aime les oranges.

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