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I got leave to go home.
PolishDostałem pozwolenie na powrót do domu.
It pays to be polite.
Easy come, easy go.
He received a lot of praise.
PolishZebrał mnóstwo pochwał.
Nothing is achieved without effort.
GermanOhne Anstrengung erreicht man nichts.
SpanishNada se consigue sin esfuerzo.
FrenchRien n'est accompli sans effort.
I cannot help deciding so.
He acquired American citizenship.
I cannot but believe her.
He was crowned with eternal victory.
He got a shameful title.
GermanEr bekam einen unehrenhaften Titel.
Keep your purse and your mouth closed.
Her explanation was to the point.
She was encouraged by the news.
FrenchElle reprit des forces en apprenant cette nouvelle.
He spoke to the point.
He won the third prize.
His misfortune gained him sympathy.
Suddenly she had a brilliant inspiration.
SpanishElla tuvo repentinamente una inspiración brillante.
He won the prize last week.
Her actions are to the point.
Wisdom cannot come without experience.
His answer is to the point.
He derived much pleasure from books.
That nickname fits him perfectly.
FrenchCe pseudo lui convient parfaitement.
GermanSein Spitzname passt perfekt zu ihm.
I can't help laughing at him.
SpanishNo puedo evitar reírme de él.
One can't quarrel with destiny.
PolishNie ma innego wyjścia jak podporządkować się wyrokom losu.
He acquired some knowledge about Ben.
We have no choice but to go.
SpanishNo tenemos más remedio que ir.
We have to postpone our departure.
The budget was narrowly approved by Congress.
In a word, he gained much profit.
I cannot help laughing at the joke.
We can derive great pleasure from books.
The Intel people are lucky to have you!
Stallone became famous through film.
I cannot but accept his invitation.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
RussianНевозможно поймать тигрёнка, не войдя в логово тигра
PolishBez ryzyka nie ma zysku.
She got a position as a typist.
Honesty will pay in the long run.
PolishUczciwość popłaca na dłuższą metę.
His speech was to the point.
He obtained a post in the company.
PolishDostał etat w tej firmie.
Nothing can be gained without effort.
PolishBez pracy nie ma kołaczy.
GermanMit Bequemlichkeit kann man nichts erreichen.
It's an ill wind that blows no good.
Faint heart never won fair lady.
Nothing can be gained without effort.
You will never get him to agree.
He made a great fortune in his lifetime.
PolishZgromadził w ciągu swojego życia pokaźną fortunę.
He carved his way to fame.
I was fortunate to make his acquaintance.
GermanIch war so glücklich, seine Bekanntschaft zu machen.
How many pieces of information did he get?
He is likely to win the scholarship.
FrenchIl devrait obtenir une bourse d'étude.
PolishPowinien dostać stypendium.

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