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Her way of thinking was rational.
He taught them how to sail ships.
GermanEr lehrte sie, wie man Schiffe steuert.
You don't have to obey such a law.
I believe in this method of teaching.
PolishWierzę w tę metodę nauczania.
FrenchJe crois en cette méthode d'apprentissage.
In the imperial measurement system, four quarts equals one gallon.
This style of cooking is peculiar to China.
ItalianQuesto stile di cucina è peculiare della Cina.
That's the best approach to the study of English.
FrenchC'est la meilleure façon d'apprendre l'anglais.
SpanishEs la mejor forma de aprender inglés.
They should be pardoned by the amnesty law.
GermanSie sollten durch ein Amnestiegesetz begnadigt werden.
The existing law concerning car accidents requires amending.
We must keep the law.
GermanWir müssen den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen folgen.
Our school adopted his teaching methods.
PolishNasza szkoła przyjęła jego metody dydaktyczne.
He teaches English grammar at a high school.
PolishUczy gramatyki angielskiej w liceum.
Your only remedy is to go to the law.
We are equal in the eyes of the law.
FrenchTout le monde est égal devant la loi.
GermanVor dem Gesetz sind alle gleich.
SpanishTodos son iguales ante la ley.
It is the correct approach to modern ski technique.
I can't think of any solution to this problem.
GermanMir ist kein Lösungsansatz für diese Aufgabe eingefallen.
Travel is one of the better forms of education.
She came up with a possible solution.
PolishWymyśliła realne rozwiązanie.
This is a book on modern English usage.
PolishTo książka na temat zasad użycia współczesnej angielszczyzny.
I will come up with a solution to the problem.
There must be some solution to the problem.
We must keep law and order.
GermanWir müssen Recht und Ordnung wahren.
PolishMusimy pilnować prawa i porządku.
Our school has adopted a new teaching method.
You will be punished if you break the law.
GermanWenn du das Gesetz brichst, wirst du bestraft.
PolishJeśli złamiesz prawo, zostaniesz ukarany.
The British have a lot of respect for law and order.
"Why me?" "Because, by process of elimination, there was no other choice."
Spanish"¿Por qué yo?" "Por descarte, no había otra opción."
A new treatment for hepatitis is being studied.
I'll teach you how to drive a car.
FrenchJe t'apprendrai comment conduire une voiture.
PolishNauczę cię prowadzić samochód.
She taught us singing.
He was accused of having violated the law.
FrenchIl a été accusé d'avoir violé les lois.
He knows how to make good use of his time.
Mr Hirose teaches the students English grammar.
I will show you a new approach to foreign language learning.
PolishPokażę ci nowe podejście do nauki języków.
The school adopted the new method of teaching English.
While we hate force, we recognize the need for law and order.
FrenchTout en haïssant l'usage de la force, nous reconnaissons la nécessité de la loi et l'ordre.
PolishNienawidzimy przemocy, ale uznajemy jej konieczność w imię ładu i porządku.
The police are responsible for the maintenance of law and order.
She grounded her students thoroughly in English grammar.
FrenchElle a inculqué de solides bases de grammaire anglaise à ses étudiants.
She originated a new way of playing jazz on the shamisen.
The only solution is for her to give up the plan.
They adopted a new method of teaching English in that school.
PolishW tej szkole przyjęto nową metodę uczenia angielskiego.
She grounded her students thoroughly in English grammar.
SpanishElla enseñó exhaustivamente la gramática inglesa básica a sus alumnos.
GermanSie brachte den Studenten gründlich die Grundlagen der englischen Grammatik bei.
He pointed out how important it is to observe the law.
Nobody was able to suggest a solution.
FrenchPersonne n'était capable de proposer une solution.
I don't know how to use an art file (.art).
GermanIch weiß nicht, wie man eine Datei mit der Endung .art verwendet.
Luckily, the treatment was only ineffective instead of harmful.
FrenchPar chance, le traitement fut seulement inefficace plutôt que dangereux.
I don't think this is a good approach to biology.
Our high school decides to adopt a new teaching method.
We all abide by law to live in any society.
In the justice system of the United States, there are twelve people on a jury.
FrenchDans le système judiciaire américain, il y a douze personnes dans un jury.
With the subjunctive past all the 'be' verbs become 'were', OK?
FrenchAu subjonctif passé l'auxiliaire être de tous les verbes se conjugue au passé.

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