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They are pleased with your work.
My father was satisfied with the result.
GermanMein Vater war mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden.
RussianМой папа был доволен результатом.
FrenchMon père fut content du résultat.
They were satisfied with the result.
SpanishEstaban satisfechos con el resultado.
PolishByli zadowoleni z wyniku.
I'm satisfied with my current income.
This plan is acceptable to all.
PolishTen plan zadowala wszystkich.
I'm content with my salary.
FrenchJe suis satisfait de mon salaire.
She looks satisfied when she catches a cockroach.
Not all were satisfied.
I am far from pleased with your behavior.
He is content with his present state.
PolishJest zadowolony z obecnego stanu rzeczy.
Ted is satisfied with life in college.
He's by no means satisfied.
He is pleased with his work.
FrenchSon travail lui plaît.
I am content with my job.
FrenchJe suis content de mon emploi.
GermanIch bin mit meiner Arbeit zufrieden.
This hotel is anything but satisfactory.
GermanDiese Hotel ist alles andere als zufriedenstellend.
Robert is content with his present position.
The results are by no means satisfactory.
Are you quite satisfied with your new house?
I am content with my current position.
I am pleased with his work.
He died content with his life.
He looks like a cat that ate the canary.
Are you satisfied with my explanation?
FrenchÊtes-vous satisfait de mon explication ?
We were satisfied with the delicious food.
His paper is far from satisfactory.
FrenchSon travail est loin d'être satisfaisant.
SpanishSu ensayo no es nada satisfactorio.
You are satisfied with the argument.
Are you pleased with your new house?
FrenchÊtes-vous satisfait de votre nouvelle maison ?
Spanish¿Estás contento con tu nueva casa?
PolishJesteś zadowolony z nowego domu?
Are you satisfied with your job?
FrenchÊtes-vous content de votre travail ?
His explanation was not satisfactory.
FrenchSon explication n'était pas satisfaisante.
They are satisfied with the new house.
They are pleased with your work.
GermanSie sind mit deiner Arbeit zufrieden.
FrenchIls sont satisfaits de ton travail.
SpanishEstán contentos con tu trabajo.
She was content with her life.
I was less than satisfied with the results.
GermanIch war mit dem Ergebnis überhaupt nicht zufrieden.
She is quite satisfied with her new job.
The result will satisfy him.
His paper is far from satisfactory.
My father feels satisfied about this result.
The results were far from satisfactory.
He is quite satisfied with the result.
PolishJest raczej zadowolony z wyników.
I'm satisfied with his progress.
My boss was satisfied with what I did.
FrenchMon patron a été satisfait de ce que j'ai fait.
GermanMein Vorgesetzter war mit meiner Arbeit zufrieden.
He died content with his life.
They are pleased with your work.
They were satisfied with the meals.
A look of contentment appeared on his face.
I am very pleased with my new house.
The explanation is by no means satisfactory.
His explanation wasn't satisfying.
SpanishSu explicación no fue satisfactoria.
Your speech was far from satisfactory.
PolishTwoja wypowiedź była zupełnie nie satysfakcjonująca.
Are you satisfied with the result?

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