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He is angry with me.
I'm angry with her.
He says one thing and means another.
I've made up my mind.
I was offended by his behavior.
GermanSein Verhalten regte mich auf.
RussianМеня взбесило его поведение.
She gets angry at trifles.
SpanishElla se indigna por nimiedades.
Mr. Wilson is angry at Dennis.
PolishP. Wilson jest zły na Dennisa.
FrenchM. Wilson est en colère contre Dennis.
Don't be angry at his words.
Yumiko was a little angry.
PolishYumiko była lekko poirytowana.
SpanishYumiko estaba un poco enfadada.
He gets angry over trivial things.
He got angry with us.
SpanishÉl se enfadó con nosotros.
He may well get angry with her.
I was very much annoyed with him.
GermanEr regte mich total auf.
He got angry with his brother.
FrenchIl s'est fâché avec son frère.
He often gets angry about trifles.
Why are you angry with him?
They were angered at his decision.
They split their sides laughing.
He is a thoroughly dishonest character.
He entirely lost his temper with me.
I hit him in the belly.
FrenchJ'ai frappé l'homme au ventre.
His way of speaking offended me.
GermanSeine Art zu reden regte mich auf.
He was angry with his daughter.
FrenchIl était en colère contre sa fille.
SpanishÉl estaba enojado con su hija.
He said that he was hungry.
SpanishÉl dijo que tenía hambre.
PolishMówi, że jest głodny.
He was angry with his son.
PolishBył zły na syna.
You have no cause for anger.
He is a thoroughly dishonest character.
FrenchC'est un personnage profondément malhonnête.
What she said made him angry.
SpanishÉl se enfado por lo que ella dijo.
Their rude behavior makes me angry.
SpanishMe tiene harto el poco respeto que tienen todos ellos.
He lost his temper with me.
I was not a little annoyed.
She is very annoyed with me.
PolishJest na mnie bardzo zła.
The point is that they are hungry.
You have no cause for anger.
Tom got angry at the children.
He got angry with me at last.
She is very angry with her children.
GermanSie ist sehr zornig auf ihre Kinder.
PolishJest bardzo zła na swoje dziecko.
I was hungry and angry.
She got angry with the naughty boy.
PolishZdenerwowała się na niegrzecznego chłopca.
I was annoyed with him for being so late.
GermanSeine unmögliche Verspätung regte mich auf.
He took offense at his daughter's behavior.
It is no use getting angry at him.
GermanEs bringt nichts, sich über ihn zu ärgern.
He was angry with himself.
What he said made us angry.
The point is that they are hungry.
I've had enough, so my stomach is full.
SpanishYa he tenido suficiente, mi estómago está lleno.
When angry, count to ten.
GermanWenn du wütend bist, zähl bis 10.
She must be angry with me.
I find her manner a little hard to take.
Tom got angry with the high school students.

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