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The ship stands in need of repairs.
The boats collided head on.
The ship was at sea.
I'm a good sailor.
The ship was bound for Kobe.
She become seasick in rough seas.
The ship will set sail at noon.
I name this ship the Queen Elizabeth.
PolishNadaję temu statkowi nazwę „Queen Elizabeth”.
SpanishNombro a este barco, Reina Elizabeth.
They are now aboard the ship.
He is on board the ship.
FrenchIl est à bord du bateau.
PolishOn jest na tym statku.
They are likely to get seasick.
It is clear that the ship sank.
The ship discharged its cargo in Panama.
It is dull to travel by ship.
This boat goes through the jungle.
The boat sank to the bottom.
The ship is bearing due north.
FrenchLe bateau se dirige droit vers le nord.
They sailed around the world.
PolishOpłynęli świat.
They dragged their boat onto the beach.
There are many rats on the ship.
They are now aboard the ship.
There are many ships in the harbor.
They are loading oil into the ship.
I'll go to Hawaii by ship.
The ship had three decks.
The ship cast anchor at Kobe.
They abandoned the sinking ship.
GermanSie verließen das sinkende Schiff.
The ship is sailing at three.
The ship left ahead of time.
Their ship struck a rock.
GermanIhr Schiff ist gegen einen Felsen gefahren.
PolishIch statek uderzył w skały.
The two ships went down at once.
FrenchLes deux bateaux sombrèrent immédiatement.
A tanker is a ship carrying oil.
PolishTankowiec to statek przewożący ropę naftową.
Our boat approached the small island.
The ship loaded in two days.
PolishStatek załadowano w dwa dni.
The ship is arriving in harbor tomorrow morning.
ItalianLa nave arriverà in porto domattina.
The ship soon came into view.
That ship crossed the equator yesterday.
FrenchCe bateau à passé l'équateur hier.
GermanDas Schiff hat gestern den Äquator überquert.
The good were transported by ship.
There are many rats on the ship.
He fell overboard and was drowned.
FrenchIl tomba par-dessus bord et se noya.
The ship was sailing at full speed.
Traveling by boat is a lot of fun.
What a big ship that is!
PolishAleż to wielki statek!
It looks like there's a pleasure boat.
We saw a white ship far away.
FrenchNous avons vu un bateau blanc au loin.
GermanWir sahen ein weißes Schiff in der Ferne.
Many boats are sailing on the sea.
The ship sailed down the channel.
The ship made for the Pacific Ocean.
SpanishLa nave se dirigió al océano Pacífico.
The ship made for the shore.
The captain controls the whole ship.
GermanDer Kapitän kontrolliert das ganze Schiff.

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