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The tiger laid in the middle of the cage.
SpanishEl tigre se recostó en el medio de la jaula.
A bear is a friendly beast in comparison with a tiger.
PolishW porównaniu z tygrysem niedźwiedź to zwierzę łagodne.
A great man will be remembered for his achievements.
The lion and tiger are two different species of cat.
"He's a tiger when he's angry" is an example of metaphor.
French"C'est un tigre quand il se met en colère" est un exemple de métaphore.
If a tiger should come out of the cage, what would you do?
It was during the ice age that the saber-toothed tiger became extinct.
FrenchC'est au cours de la période glaciaire que le tigre à dents de sabre s'est éteint.
SpanishEl tigre dientes de sable se extinguió durante la era de hielo.
I aimed at the tiger and fired, but missed him.
This may be a silly question, but which is stronger - a tiger or a lion?
FrenchC'est peut-être une question stupide, mais qui est le plus fort - un tigre ou un lion ?
As the saying goes, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."
SpanishComo dice el refrán, "quien no se aventura, no pasa la mar".
You may as well call a cat a small tiger as call a tiger a big cat.
FrenchSi l'on peut dire d'un tigre que c'est un gros chat, on peut aussi dire qu'un chat est un petit tigre.
If one can say that a tiger is a big cat, one can also say that a cat is a small tiger.
The tiger, having had its wounds treated, was returned by the villagers to the animal sanctuary without incident.
When I regained my senses, it seemed that fur had grown on my fingers and knees. When it became slightly brighter, I looked at my reflection in a mountain stream, and I realized that I had become a tiger.


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