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The headmaster will present the winners their prize.
They gave me a vase on my retirement.
GermanZu meiner Pensonierung schenkten mir alle eine Vase.
He gave me a select brand of canned goods.
The children exchanged presents at the Christmas party.
The gold cup was given to the winner of the final match.
The company presented him with a gold watch on the day he retired.
SpanishLa empresa le regaló un reloj de oro el día de su jubilación.
I gave a bunch of roses to her in return for her hospitality.
FrenchJe lui ai offert un bouquet de fleurs en remerciement de son hospitalité.
PolishPosłałem jej bukiet kwiatów z wdzięczności za jej gościnność.
The club members agreed to present the seniors with a brooch each.
It was very thoughtful of you to send her some flowers.
The company gave him a gold watch in acknowledgement of his services.
FrenchL'entreprise lui donna une montre en or en reconnaissance de ses services.
I'd like to send a congratulations card to Madonna for the birth of her baby girl.
FrenchJ'aimerais envoyer une carte de félicitations à Madonna pour la naissance de sa petite fille.
ItalianMi piacerebbe poter fare un regalo per la nascita del figlio di madonna
She's curious to find out who sent the flowers.
FrenchElle est curieuse de savoir qui a envoyé les fleurs.
SpanishElla quiere saber quién le regaló las flores.
The company presented him with a gold watch on the day he retired.
PolishKiedy odchodził na emeryturę, dostał od firmy złoty zegarek.
SpanishLa empresa le regaló un reloj de oro el día de su jubilación.
A prize was given in honor of the great scientist.
The author presented a copy of his latest book to me.
On leaving school, we presented him with a table clock as a token of our thanks.
It seems it was a gift for the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's accession to the throne.
It made Grandfather's day when his granddaughter gave him a picture she had drawn of him.



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