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Your feet are dirty.
I broke my leg.
FrenchJe me suis cassé la jambe.
He broke his leg skiing.
FrenchIl s'est cassé la jambe en skiant.
A dog has four legs.
FrenchUn chien a quatre pattes.
Mike runs fastest in his class.
She has long arms and legs.
PolishOna ma długie ręce i nogi.
SpanishTiene los brazos y las piernas largos.
It was a wild goose chase.
I have a pain in my foot.
I have sore feet.
Swimming makes your legs strong.
FrenchNager renforce les jambes.
I burnt myself on the leg.
I walked toward the park.
FrenchJ'ai marché en direction du parc.
Customers stopped coming to our shop.
FrenchLes clients cessèrent de venir dans notre boutique.
Suddenly, my feet stopped.
GermanPlötzlich hielten meine Füße an.
A dog bit her leg.
FrenchUn chien l'a mordue à la jambe.
I had sore legs the next day.
PolishNastępnego dnia bolały mnie nogi.
I can't get anywhere with it.
FrenchJe ne peux aller nulle part avec ça.
I'm reluctant to visit him.
I've got pins and needles in my leg.
Everybody put their foot down.
My legs feel heavy as lead.
FrenchMes pieds sont devenus des bâtons.
Everybody put their foot down.
I've got blisters on my feet.
FrenchJ'ai des ampoules aux pieds.
Ouch! My foot!
PolishAu, moja noga!
His feet were asleep.
I broke my leg skiing.
SpanishMe rompí la pierna esquiando.
He was unsteady on his feet.
He haunted the art galleries.
FrenchIl arpentait les galeries d'art.
These shoes are too tight. They hurt.
A squid has ten legs.
What do you have your feet for?
FrenchEt si tu te servais de tes pieds ?
GermanWozu hast du Füße?
The legs of the table are shaky.
SpanishLas patas de la mesa se tambalean.
The peacock has fair feathers but foul feet.
PolishPaw ma piękne pióra, ale brudne nogi.
We were deprived of transportation.
We let our legs do the leading.
She runs fastest in our class.
That will fly on the market.
The waves carried me off my feet.
The pain shoots to my right leg.
She bought two pairs of socks.
FrenchElle a acheté deux paires de chaussettes.
The children washed their feet.
My legs ache from sitting.
PolishDługo siedziałem i bolą mnie nogi.
I felt something touch my feet.
He fell and hurt his leg.
FrenchIl est tombé et s'est fait mal à la jambe.
I went to his place straight away.
FrenchJe me rendis avec hâte où il se trouvait.
SpanishYo fui directamente a donde él.
I can easily touch my toes.
My legs were leaden from fatigue.
PolishNogi bolały mnie już ze zmęczenia.
He dragged his feet.
She treated his broken leg.
FrenchElle a soigné sa jambe cassée.
Let's shackle your feet with silver fetters.

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