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ふたりまえ/futarimae/common · ににんまえ/nininmae/ futarimae/ふたりまえ/common · nininmae/ににんまえ/二人前
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. for two people;  (work) of two;  (meals) for two
はつか/hatsuka/common hatsuka/はつか/common二十日 · 20日 · 廿日
ふたご/futago/common futago/ふたご/common双子 · 二子
そうし/soushi/ soushi/そうし/双子
にいん/niin/common niin/にいん/common二院
  • noun:
    1. the two houses of legislature
にぐん/nigun/common nigun/にぐん/common二軍
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. second string players (sports)
にぶん/nibun/common nibun/にぶん/common二分
ににんさんきゃく/nininsankyaku/common nininsankyaku/ににんさんきゃく/common二人三脚
ふたみ/futami/common futami/ふたみ/common二見
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. forked (road, river)
にひゃくはつか/nihyakuhatsuka/common nihyakuhatsuka/にひゃくはつか/common二百二十日
  • noun:
    1. 220th day;  end of the storm period
にほんだて/nihondate/common nihondate/にほんだて/common二本立て
  • noun:
    1. double feature (movie)
にわり/niwari/common niwari/にわり/common二割 · 2割
ふたりとも/futaritomo/common futaritomo/ふたりとも/common二人とも · 2人とも · 二人共
にどね/nidone/common nidone/にどね/common二度寝 · 2度寝
ふたば/futaba/common futaba/ふたば/common双葉 · 二葉
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. bud;  sprout
ふたつめ/futatsume/common futatsume/ふたつめ/common二つ目
にぐう/niguu/common niguu/にぐう/common二宮
  • noun:
    1. the Two Ise Shrines
にまいめ/nimaime/common nimaime/にまいめ/common二枚目
にりんしゃ/nirinsha/common nirinsha/にりんしゃ/common二輪車
にるいしゅ/niruishu/common niruishu/にるいしゅ/common二塁手
  • noun:
    1. second baseman
にごう/nigou/common nigou/にごう/common二号
  • noun:
    1. number two
    2. mistress;  concubine
にひゃくとおか/nihyakutooka/common nihyakutooka/にひゃくとおか/common二百十日
  • noun:
    1. 210th day (from the first day of spring according to the lunar calendar);  the storm day
にりゅう/niryuu/common niryuu/にりゅう/common二流
じなん/jinan/common jinan/じなん/common次男 · 二男
  • noun:
    1. second son
にのつぎ/ninotsugi/common ninotsugi/にのつぎ/common二の次
にしゃたくいつ/nishatakuitsu/common nishatakuitsu/にしゃたくいつ/common二者択一
にのあし/ninoashi/common ninoashi/にのあし/common二の足
  • noun:
    1. hesitation
によう/niyou/common niyou/によう/common二葉
  • noun:
    1. two flat things
ふたとおり/futatoori/common futatoori/ふたとおり/common二通り
にさん/nisan/common nisan/にさん/common二三
にげん/nigen/common nigen/にげん/common二元
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. duality;  binary (system)
にしゃ/nisha/common nisha/にしゃ/common二者
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. two things;  two persons
にはち/nihachi/common nihachi/にはち/common二八
  • noun:
    1. sixteen  —Archaism.
にだんがまえ/nidangamae/common nidangamae/にだんがまえ/common二段構え
  • noun:
    1. keeping an alternative up one's sleeve;  two-stage preparation
にりつはいはん/niritsuhaihan/common niritsuhaihan/にりつはいはん/common二律背反
  • noun:
    1. antinomy;  self-contradiction
    2. either-or situation;  choice between mutually exclusive alternatives;  —Colloquialism.
ふつかよい/futsukayoi/common futsukayoi/ふつかよい/common二日酔 · 二日酔い
にじかい/nijikai/common nijikai/にじかい/common二次会
  • noun:
    1. afterparty;  second party of the same night
にしょく/nishoku/common · にじき/nijiki/ nishoku/にしょく/common · nijiki/にじき/二食
におう/niou/common niou/におう/common仁王 · 二王
  • noun:
    1. the two guardian Deva kings
ふたりづれ/futaridure/common futaridure/ふたりづれ/common二人連れ
  • noun:
    1. party of two
にさ/nisa/common nisa/にさ/common二佐
  • noun:
    1. lieutenant colonel (JSDF)
にじゅううつし/nijuuutsushi/common nijuuutsushi/にじゅううつし/common二重写し
  • noun:
    1. double exposure
にしょく/nishoku/common nishoku/にしょく/common二色
  • noun or verb acting prenominally:
    1. two-color;  two-colour;  dichromatic
ふたつへんじ/futatsuhenji/common futatsuhenji/ふたつへんじ/common二つ返事
  • noun:
    1. immediate (happy) reply
にげんろん/nigenron/common nigenron/にげんろん/common二元論
  • noun:
    1. dualism
にまいじた/nimaijita/common nimaijita/にまいじた/common二枚舌
にじゅうそう/nijuusou/common nijuusou/にじゅうそう/common二重奏
  • noun:
    1. instrumental duo
にじゅうかかくせい/nijuukakakusei/common nijuukakakusei/にじゅうかかくせい/common二重価格制
  • noun:
    1. dual price system
にごん/nigon/common nigon/にごん/common二言
  • noun:
    1. double-dealing;  double tongue;  going back on what one has said
    2. repeating oneself
ふたて/futate/common futate/ふたて/common二手
ふため/futame/common futame/ふため/common二目
  • noun:
    1. for a second time

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