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ぴかいち/pikaichi/ pikaichi/ぴかいち/光一 · ぴか一
ちゅういち/chuuichi/ chuuichi/ちゅういち/中一 · 中1
あさいち/asaichi/ asaichi/あさいち/朝一
こういち/kouichi/ kouichi/こういち/高一 · 高1
といち/toichi/ · トイチ/TOICHI/ toichi/といち/ · TOICHI/トイチ/十一
てんいち/ten'ichi/ ten'ichi/てんいち/天一
  • noun:
    1. Ten'ichijin;  Nakagami;  god of fortune in Onmyoudou who descends to the northeast on the 46th day of the sexagenary cycle and completes a clockwise circuit, spending five days on each cardinal point and six days on each ordinal point, returning to heaven from the north on the 30th day of the next sexagenary cycle; travelling in the direction of Ten'ichijin is considered unlucky;  —Abbreviation.   天一神  /  陰陽道  /  己酉  /  癸巳
つきいち/tsukiichi/ tsukiichi/つきいち/月一
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. (at a rate of) once a month
  • noun:
    1. 10 percent monthly interest
かみいち/kamiichi/ kamiichi/かみいち/上一
  • noun:
    1. conjugation (inflection, declension) of ichidan verbs ending in "iru"  —Abbreviation.   上一段活用


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