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You look just like your older brother.
SpanishEres igualito a tu hermano mayor.
I'm older than your brother.
FrenchJe suis plus vieux que ton frère.
PolishJestem starszy niż twój brat.
You remind me of your brother.
SpanishCuando te veo me acuerdo de tu hermano mayor.
Can your brother drive a car?
FrenchTon frère peut-il conduire une voiture ?
PolishCzy twój brat umie prowadzić samochód?
Spanish¿Tu hermano puede conducir un auto?
I never can tell Bill from his brother.
His brother passed away last month.
FrenchSon frère est décédé le mois dernier.
PolishJego starszy brat zmarł w ubiegłym miesiącu.
Can your brother drive a car?
FrenchEst-ce que ton frère sait conduire ?
GermanKann Ihr Bruder Autofahren?
Spanish¿Tu hermano puede conducir un auto?
His brother is a famous soccer player.
GermanSein älterer Bruder ist ein bekannter Fußballspieler.
I saw your brother the other day.
FrenchJ'ai vu ton grand frère l'autre jour.
He is no less smart than his brother.
PolishNie jest głupszy niż jego brat.
Your brother got married, didn't he?
SpanishTu hermano se casó, ¿no?
I know your older brother quite well.
SpanishYo conozco muy bien a tu hermano.
GermanIch kenne deinen Bruder sehr gut.
Either you or your brother is wrong.
She introduced me to her brother.
FrenchElle m'a présenté à son frère.
I found Kate more active than her brother.
ItalianTrovai Kate più vivace di suo fratello maggiore.
He is no less wise than his brother is.
PolishJest równie inteligentny co jego brat.
He is not as tall as his brother.
FrenchIl n'est pas aussi grand que son frère.
GermanEr ist nicht so groß wie sein Bruder.
She follows her brother wherever he goes.
SpanishElla sigue a su hermano adondequiera que vaya.
I can't distinguish him from his brother.
Do you think he is dead?
Spanish¿Crees que ha muerto?
Compared with his brother, he is a poor athlete.
He had his brother help him with the gardening.
FrenchIl avait obtenu l'aide de son frère pour le jardinage.
Tell me that story you heard from your brother.
PolishOpowiedz mi proszę, co usłyszałeś od brata.
She can swim as fast as her brother.
FrenchElle peut nager aussi vite que son frère.
The other day we went to ask after his brother.

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