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Dinner is ready, Father.
FrenchLe dîner est prêt, père.
SpanishYa está la cena, papá.
What are you doing, Dad?
GermanVater, was machst du?
When will Mother be back, Father?
May I use your car, Dad?
May I use your car, Dad?
What's the matter, dad? Why are you grimacing like that?
Shall I fetch your glasses from the living room, Dad?
Father, today I'm going out with some friends. Of course, that's if you will allow it.
FrenchPère, je sortirai aujourd'hui avec quelques amis. Bien sûr, c'est si vous me le permettez.
SpanishPadre, hoy voy a salir con algunos amigos. Claro está, si usted me da su permiso.
Where is Father?
PolishGdzie jest ojciec?
"Let me ask you something, Dad," she began, in a tone of patiently controlled exasperation that every experienced parent is familiar with.
French"Laisse-moi te demander quelque chose, papa," commença-t-elle, sur un ton d'exaspération patiemment contrôlée que tout parent expérimenté connaît.
He's your father.
SpanishÉl es su padre.
Remember me to your father.
He is my father.
GermanEr ist mein Vater.
Say hello to your father for me.
FrenchSaluez votre père de ma part.
PolishPozdrów ojca.
SpanishSaludad a vuestro padre de mi parte.
Is Father in the kitchen?
Is Father in the kitchen?
PolishOjciec jest w kuchni?
FrenchEst-ce que Papa est dans la cuisine ?
His father is Japanese.
GermanSein Vater ist Japaner.
Father is having a bath.
FrenchPapa prend un bain.
Dad is a hard worker.
FrenchPapa est un homme qui travaille dur.
Dad is coming home tomorrow.
PolishJutro wraca ojciec.
Jim resembles his father.
PolishJim jest podobny do ojca.
Dad bought a camera.
FrenchPapa a acheté un appareil photo.
Your father is tall.
Is your father a teacher?
PolishCzy twój ojciec jest nauczycielem?
What does your father do?
Spanish¿A qué se dedica tu papá?

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