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I am full.
I'm full.
FrenchJe suis repu !
I'm really hungry.
FrenchJ'ai l'estomac dans les talons.
SpanishEstoy muy hambriento.
I'm full.
FrenchJ'ai l'estomac rempli.
PolishNajadłem się.
I'm hungry.
PolishJestem głodny.
SpanishYa tengo hambre.
GermanIch bin hungrig.
I'm stuffed!
ItalianSono pieno!
I have a stomachache.
SpanishMe duele mi estomago.
GermanMein Bauch schmerzt.
I have a stomachache.
FrenchJ'ai mal au ventre.
GermanMein Bauch schmerzt.
SpanishMe duele la tripa.
My stomach is clenched with hunger.
Hold in your stomach.
I'm famished.
Are you hungry?
Spanish¿Tienes hambre?
FrenchAvez-vous faim ?
Are you hungry?
I'm really hungry.
SpanishTenía mucha hambre.
My stomach is growling.
FrenchMon estomac grogne.
FrenchAs-tu faim ?
Spanish¿Tiene usted hambre?
ItalianHai fame?
PolishJest pan głodny?
I have gas.
FrenchJ'ai des gaz dans mon abdomen.
I have hunger pangs.
PolishKiedy jestem głodny, boli mnie brzuch.
We are hungry.
Aren't you hungry?
FrenchN'avez-vous pas faim ?
GermanHaben Sie keinen Hunger?
Spanish¿No tiene usted hambre?
I doubled over with laughter.
Doctor, my stomach hurts.
I'm getting hungry.
FrenchJ'ai faim.
I laughed so much my stomach hurts.
Something seems to be wrong with my stomach.
PolishBrzuch mnie coś pobolewa.

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