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I like tea.
FrenchJ'aime le thé.
SpanishMe gusta el té.
I'd like a tea.
FrenchJe voudrais une tasse de thé.
Give me some more tea.
FrenchDonnez-moi un peu plus de thé.
GermanGeben Sie mir bitte noch etwas Tee.
Won't you have some tea?
Spanish¿Qué tal un té?
Come and have tea with me.
FrenchVenez prendre le thé avec moi.
I'll make tea for you.
FrenchJe vais te faire du thé.
This tea is very hot.
I prefer coffee to tea.
I prefer coffee to tea.
FrenchJe préfère le café au thé.
Please give me a cup of tea.
SpanishDeme una taza de té, por favor.
Will you have some more tea?
PolishMoże jeszcze herbaty?
This tea is too bitter.
Do you still need tea?
This tastes like tea.
Would you like another cup of tea?
Would you like some more tea?
We've run out of tea.
SpanishNo nos queda té.
Tea was introduced from China.
FrenchLe thé a été introduit de Chine.
Have some tea, won't you?
GermanMöchten Sie nicht etwas Tee trinken?
Can I have some more tea?
FrenchPuis-je avoir encore du thé ?
The quality of tea is going down.
PolishJakość herbaty spada.
You drink tea.
PolishPan pije herbatę.
SpanishTú bebes té.
She shall serve tea.
I prefer tea to coffee.
GermanIch mag lieber Tee als Kaffee.
SpanishPrefiero el té al café.
I don't care for green tea.

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