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I adore the opera.
The opera starts at seven.
FrenchL'opéra commence à sept heures.
He wrote the score of the opera.
PolishNapisał operę.
I was fascinated by her opera singing.
Maria Callas was a famous opera singer.
SpanishMaria Callas fue una famosa cantante de ópera.
FrenchMaria Callas était une célèbre chanteuse d'opéra.
What operas are being performed at the Lincoln Center right now?
Opera! He cannot even sing children's songs!
GermanEr kann nicht einmal Kinderlieder singen, von Opern ganz zu schweigen.
The opera ain't over till the fat lady sings.
SpanishLa ópera no termina hasta que cante la señora gorda.
The opera singer held a charity concert of his own accord.
PolishTen śpiewak operowy dał z własnej inicjatywy koncert charytatywny.
We are watching a class at the Paris Opera.
Have you ever heard this opera sung in Italian?
FrenchAvez-vous entendu dire que cet opéra était chanté en italien ?
The opera was graced with the august presence of the Crown Prince and Princess.


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