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It rained for a week.
GermanEine Woche lang regnete es fortwährend.
SpanishSiguió lloviendo por una semana.
It rained for a week.
SpanishLluvió por una semana.
The weather has been nice all week.
He has been sick for a week.
SpanishLleva enfermo una semana.
He has been sick for a week.
FrenchIl a été malade pendant une semaine.
SpanishLleva enfermo una semana.
Christmas is a week away.
FrenchNoël est dans une semaine.
We plan to stay a week.
PolishPlanujemy zostać tam tydzień.
There are seven days in a week.
FrenchUne semaine est composée de sept jours.
I went without food for a week.
He took a week off.
I plan to stay there a week.
FrenchJ'ai l'intention de rester ici une semaine.
PolishPlanuję być tydzień.
I took a week off.
FrenchJe me suis reposé pendant une semaine.
They work for so much a week.
The tickets sold out within a week.
The ticket is valid for a week.
PolishTen bilet jest ważny przez tydzień.
GermanDas Ticket ist eine Woche lang gültig.
I'll be staying here for a week.
PolishZostanę tu tydzień.
I have been here for a week.
He has been absent from work for a week.
It has been fine for a week.
He took a week off.
FrenchJ'ai pris un jour de congé la semaine dernière.
I will call you within a week.
FrenchJe vous rappelle dans la semaine.
SpanishTe llamo dentro de una semana.
PolishZadzwonię w ciągu tygodnia.
My family will be away for a week.
PolishMojej rodziny nie będzie przez tydzień.
Please make your reservation one week in advance.
This ticket is good for one more week.
I can do it in a week.

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