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Long live the Emperor!
FrenchVive l'Empereur !
GermanEs lebe der Kaiser!
Spanish¡Viva el Emperador!
ItalianViva l'Imperatore!
Long live the Queen!
Twenty thousand yen, please.
I know it very well.
God save the Queen!
Celebrate the revolution memorial day!
FrenchVive le 14 juillet !
Is ten thousand yen enough?
PolishCzy 10 tys. jenów wystarczy?
The loss amounts to a million dollars.
GermanDer Verlust beläuft sich auf eine Millionen Dollar.
The total is approximately ten thousand dollars.
My husband earns $100,000 a year.
FrenchMon mari gagne 100.000$ par an.
SpanishMi esposo gana 100.000 dólares al año.
This is worth one million yen.
The loss adds up to $1,000,000.
FrenchLa perte se monte à un million de dollars.
The expense is 10000 yen at lowest.
FrenchLa dépense est au minimum de 10000 yens.
GermanDie Kosten betragen mindestens 10000 Yen.
PolishKoszty wyniosą przynajmniej 10 tys. jenów.
There are nine million bicycles in Beijing.
FrenchIl y a neuf millions de vélos à Pékin.
This stadium will hold 50,000 people.
Ten thousand yen will not cover the expenses.
Polish10 tys. jenów nie wystarczy.
I owe him 50,000 yen.
FrenchJe lui dois 50,000 yens.
He sold his house for 50000 dollars.
FrenchIl a vendu la maison pour 50000 dollars.
Is it about ten million yen?
FrenchÇa ferait environ 10 millions de yens ?
This desk cost me 20,000 yen.
It will cost more than ten thousand yen.
Tokyo has a population of over ten million.
This watch cost me ten thousand yen.
FrenchCette montre m'a coûté dix mille yen.
My monthly wage is 300,000 yen.
FrenchJ'ai un salaire mensuel de 300.000 yens.
My monthly wage is 300,000 yen.
FrenchMon salaire mensuel est 300 000 yen.

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