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He has three brothers.
FrenchIl a trois frères.
GermanEr hat drei Brüder.
She has three brothers.
GermanSie hat drei Brüder.
FrenchElle a trois frères.
He has three brothers.
GermanEr hat drei Brüder.
PolishOn ma trzech braci.
I have three cousins.
FrenchJ'ai trois cousins.
My aunt has three children.
SpanishMi tía tiene tres hijos.
FrenchMa tante a trois enfants.
GermanMeine Tante hat drei Kinder.
There were three men.
He has three children.
SpanishTiene tres hijos.
Mr Suzuki has three daughters.
FrenchM. Suzuki a trois filles.
Now they have three children.
SpanishEllos tienen ahora tres hijos.
GermanJetzt haben sie drei Kinder.
Three people are still missing.
He had three sons.
FrenchIl avait trois fils.
SpanishÉl tenía tres hijos.
This meal is adequate for three.
SpanishEsta comida es suficiente para tres personas.
I have three brothers.
He has three older sisters.
Divide the pizza among you three.
GermanBitte teilen Sie die Pizza in drei Teile auf.
My uncle has three children.
FrenchMon oncle a trois enfants.
He is the father of three children.
FrenchIl est le père de trois enfants.
SpanishÉl es el padre de tres hijos.
And there were three.
FrenchEt, ils étaient trois.
Three people are missing after the flood.
Divide it among the three.
Three children sat on the sofa.
Three more passengers got on the bus.
PolishDo autobusu wsiadło jeszcze trzech pasażerów.
She is devoted to her three children.
He has three dependents to support.
Two is company, but three is none.

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