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In junior high and high schools, they say insidious forms of bullying are on the rise.
PolishW gimazjach i liceach rośnie podobno poziom brutalności starszych uczniów wobec młodszych.
FrenchOn dit que les formes insidieuses d'intimidation sont en augmentation dans les lycées.
I'm in the eighth grade.
I finally graduated from junior high school.
PolishWreszcie skończyłem gimnazjum.
I was in the ninth grade last year.
FrenchL'an dernier, j'étais élève de quatrième.
We learn about the structure of the heart in junior high school.
PolishNa temat budowy ludzkiego serca uczymy się w gimnazjum.
You were in the second year of middle school last year, right?
FrenchL'an dernier, vous étiez en cinquième, n'est-ce pas ?
He did nothing but read novels in his junior high school days.
I was a member of the soccer club when I was in junior high.
SpanishYo fui miembro del club de fútbol cuando estaba en secundaria.
We were in the first year of middle school last year.
FrenchL'an dernier, nous étions en sixième.
PolishW zeszłym roku byliśmy w pierwszej klasie gimnazjum.
I continued buying prepared dishes even after I went to middle school.
One month since entering high school ... not a single friend yet. That's really terrible, at this rate it will be middle-school all over again!!
"Do I really have that good a personality?" "Impossible. After all, there's this time as well, but in middle school you sold off girl's pants all over to bring in the money."
When I was in elementary school I thought, from the bottom of my heart, that the teachers were great people and I was influenced by the teachers' attitudes and moral lessons, but middle school was just a business like any other.


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