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He emptied his glass.
FrenchIl vida son verre.
Empty the drawer of its contents.
He emptied his pockets of their contents.
PolishWyjął zawartość kieszeni.
He emptied the box of its contents.
Empty the purse into this bag.
The contents of the wallet were missing.
There's a checkpoint at the border where they look in your trunk.
Do not look upon the vessel but upon that which it contains.
The box was crushed during transport and the contents flew out.
GermanDie Kiste wurde während des Transports zerdrückt, und der Inhalt fiel hinaus.
If you don't understand something, it's because you aren't aware of its context.
GermanWenn Sie etwas nicht verstehen, dann, weil Sie sich nicht des Kontextes bewusst sind.
FrenchSi vous ne comprenez pas quelque chose, c'est parce que vous n'êtes pas conscient de son contexte.
"Well he looks odd on the surface ... but he's even odder on the inside." "You're really not helping me there."
We say that we judge people based on their contents, but in the ends, don't we just judge them based on their exterior?
The container may be the best in Japan, but if the contents are third class, then isn't it completely meaningless?


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