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He's at the office.
PolishJest w biurze.
Is Mr. Jones in the office?
Spanish¿Está el Sr. Jones en la oficina?
GermanIst Herr Jones im Büro?
He is out of the office.
He rushed out of the office.
His office is right up there.
Put on me to the office.
He transferred his office to Osaka.
FrenchIl a transféré ses bureaux à Osaka.
My office is on the fifth floor.
FrenchMon bureau est au cinquième étage.
They built an extension to the office.
Can you go to the office by train?
Shall I come to your office?
Spanish¿Voy a tu oficina?
The door of the office is yellow.
I called at his office yesterday.
Susie sometimes visits her father's office.
The furniture in this office is really modern.
GermanDie Möbel in diesem Büro sind ziemlich modern.
I called at his office yesterday.
FrenchJ’ai appelé à son bureau hier.
He left the office just now.
He works at the welfare office.
He transferred to the office in Chiba.
FrenchIl a muté au bureau de Chiba.
His office is on the eighth floor.
FrenchSon bureau est au huitième étage.
PolishJego biuro jest na ósmym piętrze.
He has come back from the office.
He sent in his application to the office.
His office is convenient for the station.
Apply to the office for further details.
Can you go to the office by train?

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