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How are you related?
FrenchQuels sont vos liens familiaux ?
They got married.
They are too close.
May you both be happy!
Single or double room?
FrenchChambre simple ou double ?
They have two daughters.
PolishOni mają dwie córki.
Are those two going out?
Yutaka has two older brothers.
They have twelve children.
FrenchIls ont douze enfants.
May you both be happy!
They confronted each other.
John has two sons.
FrenchJohn a deux fils.
He has two daughters.
FrenchIl a deux filles.
GermanEr hat zwei Töchter.
SpanishÉl tiene dos hijas.
I'd like a twin room, please.
FrenchJe voudrais une chambre pour deux, s'il vous plaît.
They are very compatible.
Two heads are better than one.
GermanDer Verstand von zwei Personen übertrifft den von einer.
PolishCo dwie głowy to nie jedna.
Riding double on a bicycle is dangerous.
FrenchC'est dangereux d'être à deux sur un vélo.
SpanishEs peligroso andar de a dos en bicicleta.
Money set them against each other.
They nodded to each other.
This ticket allows two people to enter.
FrenchC'est un ticket pour deux personnes.
PolishTo bilet na dwie osoby.
SpanishEste boleto admite dos personas.
Do you have a double room?
You have two brothers.
The couple went off on their honeymoon.
GermanDie beiden brachen zu ihren Flitterwochen auf.
They have announced their engagement.
The two of them split up.

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