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This milk will keep for two days.
The sale will be over in two days.
PolishZa dwa dni wyprzedaż się kończy.
The ship loaded in two days.
PolishStatek załadowano w dwa dni.
It is impossible to finish this in two days.
She passed away two days ago.
He arrived two days previously.
I caught a cold two days ago.
PolishZaziębiłem się dwa dni temu.
I bought a camera two days ago.
He advanced his departure by two days.
FrenchIl avança son départ de deux jours.
We returned to Honolulu on April 2.
We covered three states in two days.
He came back two days later.
FrenchIl revint deux jours plus tard.
He will be back in a day or two.
FrenchIl sera de retour dans un jour ou deux.
It will be finished in a day or two.
FrenchCe sera fini dans un jour ou deux.
They had gone there two days before.
Have patience for another day or two.
I'll be able to finish in a day or two.
SpanishEso podría hacerse en un día o dos.
Today is my second day of my side job.
We arrived on the island two days later.
This ticket is valid for only two days after its purchase.
After two days our food gave out.
We are aiming at establishing the five-day workweek.
The ship set sail only to be wrecked two days after.
SpanishEl barco zarpó, pero en dos días naufragó.
They will tear down the old building in two days.
GermanSie werden das alte Gebäude in zwei Tagen abreißen.
It'll take him two days to finish this work.

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