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Education helps to mold character.
GermanErziehung hilft dabei, den Charakter zu formen.
He is a man of character.
FrenchC’est un homme de caractère.
He has a dual personality.
FrenchIl a une double personnalité.
PolishOn ma rozdwojenie osobowości.
It runs against his character.
Helen is in love with his personality.
Recognize and respect the personality of a person.
GermanRespektiere die Persönlichkeit anderer.
A man's worth lies in what he is.
FrenchLa valeur d'un homme réside dans ce qu'il est.
In no way is he a man of character.
We are charmed by your individuality.
Arnold is concerned with cases of dual personality.
I don't like what they call a man of character.
He has character as well as knowledge.
I regard him as a man of character.
Such language doesn't harmonize with his character.
That he is a man of character cannot be denied.
What one is is more important than what one has.
What we have is one thing and what we are is quite another.
The goal of education is not wealth or status, but personal development.
SpanishEl objetivo de la educación no es la riqueza ni el estatus, sino la formación personal.
True wealth does not consist of what we have, but in what we are.
Reputation is what you seem; character is what you are.
What we have is one thing and what we are is quite another.
He had established a solid reputation as a man of character.
FrenchIl s'est forgé une solide réputation d'homme de caractère.
All his students looked up to him as a man of character.
A man's happiness doesn't depend on what he has, but on what he is.
FrenchLe bonheur de l'homme ne dépend pas de ce qu'il a mais de ce qu'il est.
Judo is not only good for young people's health but also very useful in forming their personalities.

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