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He is a person of importance.
Is she anybody?
He is a self-made man.
FrenchC'est un homme qui s'est fait lui-même.
Edison was an ingenious person.
The tailor makes the man.
He's a very important person.
SpanishÉl es una personalidad muy importante.
He is a very important person.
PolishTo bardzo znacząca postać.
He is a danger to society.
FrenchIl est un danger pour la société.
He is a man of firm character.
He is a big man in the company.
He is a very important person.
SpanishÉl es una persona extremadamente importante.
He is a man after our own hearts.
I believe that he is a reliable man.
I can't figure him out.
SpanishNo logro entender que tipo de persona es él.
The name of the character is Hamlet.
PolishImię postaci brzmi Hamlet.
He is a man of considerable influence.
GermanEr ist eine Person von beträchtlichem Einfluss.
PolishTo człowiek o niemałych możliwościach.
All the characters of this comic are girls.
SpanishEn este manga todos los personajes son chicas.
FrenchLes personnages de ce manga sont tous des jeunes filles.
GermanDie Charaktere dieses Mangas sind alles Mädchen.
He is a man after my own heart.
He is a man of male courage.
He is man of moderate views.
People regard him as nothing.
He is a natural to win the Presidency.
He'll never amount to much.
He may just be ahead of his time.
He is the very man I want.

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