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He is a member of the committee.
SpanishÉl es un miembro del comité.
This society has a large membership.
I absented myself from the meeting.
The concert was a success.
Are you going to attend the meeting?
Are you a member of this society?
FrenchÊtes-vous membre de cette société ?
The committee members are all men.
He presented himself at the meeting.
The party finished at nine.
SpanishLa reunión terminó a las nueve.
GermanDas Treffen ging um 9 Uhr zu Ende.
How did you enjoy the party?
I presented myself at the meeting.
PolishWziąłem udział w zebraniu.
I'll attend the next meeting.
He is a member of the fraternity.
I was absent from the meeting.
FrenchJ'étais absent de la réunion.
He gave a ball.
I will present myself at the meeting.
We request your attendance at the meeting.
The meeting is held annually.
SpanishEsa asamblea se celebra cada año.
He is going to the concert.
The meeting came to an end at noon.
They held the meeting here.
PolishMieli tu zebranie.
The meeting took place yesterday.
GermanDas Treffen fand gestern statt.
PolishSpotkanie odbyło się wczoraj.
Everybody was bright at the party.
Please attend my birthday party.
The meeting was well attended.
GermanDas Treffen hatte viele Teilnehmer.

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