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This house belongs to my uncle.
I am seeing my uncle tomorrow.
My uncle gave me an hourglass.
SpanishMi tío me regaló un reloj de arena.
My uncle runs a hotel.
My uncle died of cancer.
My uncle drives a Ford.
FrenchMon oncle conduit une Ford.
My uncle gave me a present.
FrenchMon oncle m'a donné un cadeau.
My uncle lives near the school.
My uncle lives in an apartment.
FrenchMon oncle vit dans un appartement.
My uncle blew in from Kobe.
My uncle gave me the watch.
My uncle is an amateur cricket player.
FrenchMon oncle est un joueur de cricket amateur.
He succeeded to his uncle's fortune.
FrenchIl a hérité de la fortune de son oncle.
I was hired by my uncle.
My uncle lives in London.
My uncle keeps a dog.
He was brought up by his uncle.
SpanishÉl fue educado por su tío.
My uncle made a fortune.
FrenchMon oncle possède une fortune.
I am boarding with my uncle.
FrenchJe loge chez mon oncle.
PolishMieszkam u wuja.
My uncle has made me what I am today.
PolishWujowi zawdzięczam to, kim dziś jestem.
I am staying with my uncle.
My uncle manages a firm.
GermanMein Onkel leitet eine Firma.
My uncle has seen a lot of life.
PolishMój wujek ma ogromne doświadczenie życiowe.
His uncle will undertake the responsibility for him.
It was necessary that my uncle should be informed.
GermanEs tat not, meinen Onkel zu unterrichten.

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