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Did you notice any change?
Somehow, all those reasons sound rather far fetched.
I feel something.
FrenchC'est ce que je ressens vraiment.
What happened?
Spanish¿Qué está pasando?
What's new?
GermanWas gibt es Neues?
Did something happen?
PolishJest coś nowego?
It's somehow warm.
Spanish¿Ha pasado algo?
Would you care for something to drink?
Have you got any plans?
FrenchAs-tu des projets ?
Are there any landmarks?
Can I borrow something to write on?
May I help you?
Do you want anything?
FrenchTu veux quelque chose ?
GermanMöchtest du etwas haben?
I hear something.
FrenchJ'entends quelque chose.
ItalianRiesco a sentire qualcosa.
GermanIch höre etwas.
PolishCoś słyszę.
SpanishEscucho algo.
He is a poet or something.
I want something to eat.
PolishChciałbym coś do jedzenia.
Do you play any sports?
He is good for something.
FrenchIl est bon pour quelque chose.
I want something to drink.
SpanishQuiero algo para beber.
Are you implying something?
FrenchQu'est-ce que tu sous-entends ?
Give me something to eat.
Give me something to do.
FrenchDonnez-moi quelque chose à faire.
Do you have any questions?
FrenchAvez-vous des questions ?
Can I help you?
FrenchPuis-je vous aider ?
Would you like to drink anything?

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