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Where is your mother, boy?
Somebody up there loves me.
I am keen on tennis.
I'm as hungry as a horse.
FrenchJ'ai une faim de loup.
I'm afraid my greatest talent is for eating.
FrenchJe crains de n'être doué que pour manger.
Cake? I'm suddenly hungry again.
GermanKuchen? Ich bin plötzlich wieder hungrig!!
"This is my first flight. I'm nervous," says Hiroshi.
French"C'est mon premier vol, je suis nerveux", dit Hiroshi.
It's me!
Me, too.
FrenchMoi aussi !
I'm young.
PolishJestem młody.
GermanIch bin jung.
SpanishSoy joven.
I like sweets.
FrenchJ'aime les bonbons.
GermanIch bin eine Naschkatze.
I am a vegetarian.
GermanIch bin Vegetarier.
I am round shouldered.
GermanIch habe einen krummen Rücken.
FrenchJe suis bossu.
I like jazz.
FrenchJ'aime le jazz.
I have a grenade.
FrenchJ'ai une grenade.
GermanIch habe eine Granate.
I'm a liar.
SpanishSoy un mentiroso.
GermanIch bin ein Lügner.
My mistake.
SpanishCulpa mía.
I'm better.
SpanishYo soy mejor.
FrenchJe suis meilleur.
I read books.
I'm a human.
FrenchJe suis un être humain.
SpanishSoy un ser humano.
I'm patient.
PolishJestem cierpliwy.
I dislike coffee.
GermanIch mag keinen Kaffee.
SpanishOdio el café.
I'm in Perth.
I'm left-handed.
FrenchJe suis gaucher.
RussianЯ левша.
I need money.
RussianЯ нуждаюсь в деньгах.

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