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My brother swims well.
I have an older brother.
My brother is a good skater.
He looks exactly like his brother.
SpanishÉl es idéntico a su hermano mayor.
My brother likes music.
My brother is out.
My brother is healthy.
PolishMój brat jest zdrowy.
He's my older brother.
FrenchC'est mon frère.
My brother plays the guitar.
Tom has three brothers.
FrenchTom a trois frères.
My brother is an engineer.
PolishMój brat jest inżynierem.
Juan doesn't have a brother.
He is Taro's older brother.
PolishOn jest bratem Taro.
ItalianÈ il fratello di Taro.
SpanishÉl es el hermano mayor de Taro.
My older brother is a teacher.
SpanishMi hermano mayor es profesor.
My brother is a college student.
My older brother is watching TV.
PolishMój brat ogląda telewizję.
My brother has a good memory.
SpanishMi hermano tiene buena memoria.
This is my brother.
My brother is very tall.
My brother likes horror movies.
SpanishA mi hermano le gustan las películas de horror.
I'm proud of my brother.
FrenchJe suis fier de mon frère.
GermanIch denke mit Stolz an meinen Bruder.
SpanishEstoy orgullosa de mi hermano.
She adores her elder brother.
My brother is a member of the rescue squad.
Joe excels his older brother at swimming.
Her brother is a good driver.

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