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He differs from his brother.
SpanishÉl es diferente de su hermano menor.
That boy is his brother.
How tall is your brother?
Spanish¿Cuánto mide tu hermano?
You look just like your older brother.
SpanishEres igualito a tu hermano mayor.
Do you know my brother Masao?
GermanKennen Sie meinen Bruder Masao?
FrenchConnaissez-vous mon frère Masao ?
Spanish¿Conocéis a mi hermano Masao?
My brother seems to enjoy himself at college.
FrenchMon frère a l'air de s'amuser à l'université.
I'm older than your brother.
FrenchJe suis plus vieux que ton frère.
PolishJestem starszy niż twój brat.
He is less patient than his brother.
FrenchIl est moins patient que son frère.
His brother came home soon after.
I hope your brother is better.
FrenchJ'espère que votre frère est mieux.
I mistook you for your brother.
FrenchJe t'ai pris pour ton frère.
PolishPomyliłem cię z twoim bratem.
He got angry with his brother.
FrenchIl s'est fâché avec son frère.
You remind me of your brother.
SpanishCuando te veo me acuerdo de tu hermano mayor.
What a marvelous person your brother is!
Can your brother drive a car?
FrenchTon frère peut-il conduire une voiture ?
PolishCzy twój brat umie prowadzić samochód?
Spanish¿Tu hermano puede conducir un auto?
Do you know his older brother?
FrenchConnais-tu son frère ?
Spanish¿Conoces a su hermano mayor?
GermanKennst du seinen Bruder?
My brother seems to enjoy himself at college.
His brother passed away last month.
FrenchSon frère est décédé le mois dernier.
PolishJego starszy brat zmarł w ubiegłym miesiącu.
His brother goes to school by bus.
FrenchSon frère va à l'école en bus.
I never can tell Bill from his brother.
His brother is a famous soccer player.
FrenchSon frère est un joueur de foot célèbre.
His brother is more patient than he is.
PolishJego starszy brat jest bardziej cierpliwy niż on.
Can your brother drive a car?
FrenchEst-ce que ton frère sait conduire ?
GermanKann Ihr Bruder Autofahren?
Spanish¿Tu hermano puede conducir un auto?
This is John and that is his brother.
Jane may be playing tennis with my brother.

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