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Again Hawking was almost ready to give up.
Once again, Mrs. Lee speaks fondly of the past, and it is impossible to stop her.
Once again, he became a wanderer, and he arrived one day at the house of his older brother.
I saw her again.
FrenchJe l'ai revue.
PolishSpotkałem się z nią ponownie.
SpanishLa vi nuevamente.
Bob saw him again.
I saw him again.
SpanishVolví a encontrarme con él.
I shut my eyes again.
The volcano has become active again.
PolishWulkan znów się przebudził.
I went on with my reading.
Terumi gave me a thin smile again.
I'm glad to see you again.
GermanIch freue mich, dich wiederzusehen.
SpanishMe alegro de verte de nuevo.
There is little chance of my meeting him again.
He never turned back again.
My business is picking up again.
PolishMoje interesy powoli zaczynają odbijać się od dna.
SpanishMi negocio se está levantando de nuevo.
It became quiet again in the forest.
FrenchC'est redevenu silencieux dans la forêt.
GermanEs wurde wieder still im Wald.
I'll never see her again.
FrenchJamais plus je ne la reverrai.
The price of rice is going up again.
May there never be another world war!
PolishOby nigdy więcej nie było wojny światowej!
It brought me down to earth.
We must not go to war again.
He made up his mind to try again.
GermanEr entschloss sich, es noch einmal zu versuchen.
PolishPostanowił spróbować jeszcze raz.
I want to come here next winter again.
PolishNastępnej zimy też chciałbym tu przyjechać.
She made up her mind to try again.
She was never to see her home again.
PolishDo swego domu rodzinnego miała już nigdy nie powrócić.
I was happy to see her again.

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