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Judging from this.
You are correct in your judgement.
He is accurate in his judgement.
FrenchIl est précis dans son jugement.
GermanEr ist in seiner Beurteilung präzise.
PolishJego ocena jest słuszna.
Don't judge by appearances.
GermanUrteile nicht nach dem Aussehen!
PolishNie sądź po pozorach.
Don't mislead me.
Never judge by appearance.
FrenchNe jugez jamais sur les apparences.
RussianНе надо судить по внешности.
Quick judgements are dangerous.
FrenchLes jugements hâtifs sont dangereux.
They are conventional in their judgement.
He erred in his judgement.
I can't judge distance.
I will leave it to your judgement.
FrenchJe laisse cela à votre jugement.
GermanIch überlasse das Ihrer Beurteilung.
Women observe and men think.
FrenchLa femme observe et l'homme raisonne.
He lacks judgement.
PolishBrak mu własnego zdania.
I defer to your judgement.
We can rely on his judgement.
Don't judge people by appearance.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
It can't be judged in me.
Don't judge a man by his clothes.
FrenchNe juge pas un homme par ses habits.
Actions speak louder than words.
SpanishLas personas juzgan las acciones antes que las palabras.
They figured there was no hope.
I leave the matter to your judgement.
Can't you tell right from wrong?
Don't judge a man by the way he looks.
FrenchNe jugez pas un homme à son apparence.
GermanBewerte Menschen nicht nach ihrem Äußeren.
It was a manifest error of judgement.

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