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When making a cake, you must use eggs, butter and sugar.
I dislike eggs.
GermanIch mag keine Eier.
SpanishOdio los huevos.
This egg is fresh.
FrenchC'est un œuf frais.
Birds lay eggs.
FrenchLes oiseaux pondent des œufs.
He is a budding singer.
He is a future doctor.
SpanishÉl es un médico en potencia.
We have a half-dozen eggs.
ItalianAbbiamo una mezza dozzina di uova.
Beat the eggs.
Eggs are cheap this season.
FrenchLes œufs sont bon marché en cette saison.
Boil one egg.
She boiled the eggs.
We buy eggs by the dozen.
PolishJajka kupujemy na tuziny.
It looks like an egg.
PolishTo wygląda na jajko.
Tom threw an egg at Mary.
ItalianTom ha tirato un uovo a Mary.
SpanishTom le tiró un huevo a Mary.
I want some fresh eggs.
Pack eggs in dozens.
Eggs can be used as weapons.
ItalianLe uova possono essere usate come armi.
SpanishLos huevos se pueden ocupar como armas.
None of these eggs are fresh.
Can you break an egg with one hand?
I hard-boiled an egg.
FrenchJ'ai cuit un œuf dur.
Fry an egg for me.
Blend milk and eggs together.
I like the white of an egg.
FrenchJ'aime le blanc de l'œuf.
She ran away with the eggs.
He took out one egg.

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