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Winter has gone.
Winter is gone.
The typhoon is gone.
He deceased yesterday.
He will leave here tomorrow.
He left a while ago.
The snow has melted away.
GermanDer Schnee ist geschmolzen.
PolishŚnieg stopniał.
He left Africa forever.
GermanEr verließ Afrika für immer.
FrenchIl a quitté l'Afrique pour toujours.
Chaplin left America for good.
SpanishChaplin dejó Norteamérica para siempre.
PolishChaplin opuścił USA na zawsze.
I'm sorry you're leaving us.
FrenchC'est triste que tu doives partir.
PolishSzkoda, że już nasz opuszczasz.
He left the office in great haste.
Tom passed away last night.
Close the door when you leave.
GermanSchließ beim Hinausgehen die Türe.
FrenchFerme la porte en sortant.
She left the stage last year.
The crow flew away.
Tom left three days ago.
SpanishTom partió tres días atrás.
Hence, loathed melancholy.
FrenchArrière ! Détestable mélancolie !
The next day he went away.
SpanishÉl se marchó al día siguiente.
She left here in a hurry.
Read "Gone With The Wind".
FrenchLisez "Autant en emporte le vent".
GermanIch lese "Vom Winde verweht".
He seems to have left the country.
FrenchIl semble avoir quitté le pays.
She left France for America.
Never halloo till you are out of the woods.
I have made up my mind to leave Japan.
FrenchJe me suis décidé à quitter le Japon.
I must leave here today.
SpanishDebo salir de aquí hoy.

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