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Mind your own business!
PolishPilnuj swego nosa!
GermanFall mir nicht ins Wort.
Open your mouth.
ItalianApri la bocca.
SpanishAbrí la boca.
Shut your mouth.
Spanish¡Cierra la boca!
It is easy to talk.
Good medicine is bitter.
PolishDobre lekarstwo jest gorzkie.
GermanEine gute Arznei ist bitter.
Words fail me.
Open your mouth!
GermanÖffnen Sie den Mund!
Spanish¡Abra la boca!
FrenchOuvrez la bouche !
ItalianApra la bocca!
She is a chatterbox.
FrenchC'est un moulin à parole.
PolishAleż z niej gaduła.
You keep out of this.
FrenchReste en dehors de ça.
Say with one's own lips.
Dead man tells no tales.
FrenchLes morts ne racontent pas d'histoires.
Easier said than done.
He has a smooth tongue.
A good medicine tastes bitter.
FrenchUn bon médicament a mauvais goût.
He is a tight-lipped man.
He is a man of few words.
FrenchIl est taciturne.
SpanishÉl es poco hablador.
Out of the mouth comes evil.
FrenchLa langue est source de bien des maux. (littéralement : La bouche ...).
Great talkers are little doers.
He has a sharp tongue.
Please rinse out your mouth.
Mind your own business!
PolishPilnuj swego nosa!
Open your mouth wide.
FrenchOuvrez grand la bouche.
ItalianApri la bocca bella grande.
You'd better hold your tongue.
Pepper burned his mouth.
PolishPieprz palił go w usta.
My mouth was dry.

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