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They will agree on that.
PolishW tej kwestii pewnie osiągną porozumienie.
They agreed on a price.
GermanSie einigten sich auf einen Preis.
SpanishAcordaron un precio.
They acted immediately by agreement.
They agreed on cease-fire terms.
They cannot fail to reach an agreement.
We have agreed to continue the negotiations.
They came to terms with their enemy.
SpanishLlegaron a un acuerdo con el enemigo.
GermanSie erzielten eine Einigung mit ihrem Feind.
We agreed to start early.
We came to an agreement in the end.
We have agreed on the rate of discount.
They acted immediately by agreement.
They agreed to elect him as president.
GermanSie einigten sich darauf, ihn als Vorsitzenden zu wählen.
I couldn't agree with his opinion.
GermanIch konnte seiner Meinung nicht zustimmen.
We agreed to share the housework.
We arrived at an agreement after two hours' discussion.
The agreement was a product of compromise between the two governments.
The union and the company have come to terms on a new contract.
GermanDie Gewerkschaft und die Firma einigten sich auf einen neuen Vertrag.
Can we reach a consensus on this issue?
GermanKönnen wir bei diesem Problem zu einer Einigung kommen?
They were unanimous that the war should be brought to a halt.
We'll have our firm's attorneys look through the provisional agreement.
At last both countries agreed on putting an end to the war.
She agreed to my plan after I had given a little.
GermanSie stimmte dem Plan zu, nachdem ich einige Zugeständnisse gemacht hatte.
The Prime Minister stated that he would not introduce a new tax without the consensus of public opinion.
Once you have reached informal agreement, you should enter into a contract with the other party.
While the birth rate is intended to be decreased in developing countries, that of developed nations is selfishly planned to be increased, resulting in the difficulty of getting mutual consent.

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