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They are bitter enemies.
We were next-door neighbors.
SpanishNosotros somos vecinos.
He and I are cousins.
SpanishÉl y yo somos primos.
GermanEr und ich sind Cousins.
FrenchLui et moi, nous sommes cousins.
Japan and South Korea are neighbors.
FrenchLe Japon et la Corée du Sud sont des pays limitrophes.
GermanJapan und Südkorea sind Nachbarländer.
PolishJaponia i Korea Południowa są sąsiadami.
We are next-door neighbors.
GermanWir sind Nachbarn.
They are next door neighbors.
GermanSie sind Nachbarn.
SpanishEllos son vecinos.
They were good rivals at go.
There should be more communication between the persons concerned.
They are cousins by blood.
Those two boys are cousins.
GermanJene zwei Jungen sind Cousins.
They are cousins, if I remember rightly.
SpanishSi mi memoria es correcta, ellos son primos.
GermanWenn ich mich recht erinnere, sind sie Cousins.
FrenchSi je me rappelle bien, ils sont cousins.
How can I link or unlink sentences?
First cousins are too close for marriage.
PolishKuzyni w pierwszym pokoleniu są zbyt blisko spokrewnieni, by zawierać małżeństwa.
He and I were in the same camp then.
Even though they love each other, they broke up.
We'll always be friends.
We should be kind to each other.
The teenage friends stayed up talking all night.
I'd like you to get two adjacent rooms.
This pair of lovers were carrying on an ardent correspondence.
Angels watch from above as men fight amongst themselves.
We're lovers so we hold hands at least, right?
In Japan, relations between neighbors are apt to be cooler than in USA.
Two male school pupils sharing an umbrella? That's quite a queer situation.
PolishDwóch uczniów pod jednym parasolem? Dwuznaczna sytuacja!
FrenchDeux étudiants de sexe masculin se partageant un parapluie ? Une situation assez étrange.
Money and I are strangers; in other words, I am poor.
FrenchL'argent et moi, ça fait deux ; autrement dit, je suis pauvre.
PolishPieniądze i ja jesteśmy sobie obcy. Krótko mówiąc, jestem biedakiem.

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